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  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Are there currently plans for skills that reduce/absorb enemy Mana, and if so, has it been decided if these skills have their effect on Green players?
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  • You mentioned in a past livestream that the top tier weapons and armor will be made in the crafting system through other players rather then drops from monsters or dungeons. How are you going to implement that? Will certain raids or monsters drop super rare ingredients? Or will players with high enough gathering skills be able to collect these components?
  • Repairs - Will repairing an item take it back to full durability, or will it always incur some loss? (I'm thinking over long periods of time, replacing gear would feel natural and keep the economy alive)
  • Can we please just have the character creator?. Maybe release it as test version with multiple updates and drop a patch later down the track where we can save creations for in game. The copium is strong out here!
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  • If a node that is visually influenced by once race (say Ren'kai) is destroyed, and is then rebuilt by a mostly different race (say Empyrean), will the cultural influence change, or stay the same?
  • How the bounty hunter system works? What exactly preventing people to create second account, become corrupted with the alt and just kill this alt for bounty hunter rewards.
  • If the current corruption system doesn't deter strongly enough from player killing, what is your next step? Would you go so far as to implement safe areas, PvE or PvP servers, a flagging system like Star Wars Galaxies where non-combatants can't be attacked at all, or would you simply increase the current system's punishments?
  • I understand that a Scientific metropolis would have access to fast travel within it's vassal regions.
    In the event of a node siege (or multiple sieges?) would the fast travel remain active?

    I'm thinking that there could be a huge tactical advantage in being able to redeploy your best pvp-ers at speed.
  • What will determine the value of guild shares on a stock market and how will they be initially sold to the public? At what point could a guild become publicly traded? Does it have to be spec'd into?
  • Will weapon's "resize" from race to race? Will a dwarf's longbow or battleaxe be the same uniform size as a Tulnar's longbow or battleaxe?

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  • A question regarding the customization of the Tulnar race, will there be a "verminous/canine" option for Tulnar customization(rat and dog people), or will Tulnar only be simian, feline and reptilian?
  • DolyemDolyem Member
    edited October 20
    Think this is the 5th month I have asked this and no response.

    How will you address the possibility/inevitability of players purposely having low level characters with max level professions to provide themselves a certain "shield" against being ganked via giving more corruption, imbalancing the "risk vs reward" idea. This can also be applied to Mule running.
  • Gathering and World materials questions.
    How will gatherable (lumber, iron, special herbs, etc...) work in the world? Will they be a static object can be harvest on a spawn timer or will they be randomly spawn in their respective area and one simply needs to look for their next spawn location? And is there a limited quantity of a certain type of gatherable, be it b/c of time, special event or will it be tied to a spawn timer?
  • ButtercupCloverButtercupClover Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Can a siege happen during night time in game? I'd love to see tons of spells and siege ammo flying across the battlefield through the dark.
  • Will Summoners be able to be a Viable Tank or Healer when choosing Tank/Cleric or Bard as a Secondary Class?
  • Seasonal and/or Holiday events. MMOs all have them for the player base to enjoy and we love to see it. You have been quoted in saying there are ideas on how to contextualize real-life events into the game for everyone to enjoy. Could you share some of those ideas? How wide scale could we expect these events to be? Don't let Margaret down on her favorite holiday.
  • Will a party of the same gatherer class be able to extract more resources in a dungeon than a single gatherer?
  • EurecleaEureclea Member
    edited October 20
    Will there be unique class transfer quests at specific levels required for progressing to the second archetype? Also, on a similar note, will we acquire any unique class skills after getting the second archetype that were not obtained from the first archetype?
  • How are race mechanics being handled? What might the abilities be like and how much of the overall stats/abilities of a character will be affected by race?
  • BenjamimicBenjamimic Member, Explorer, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 22
    Since Alpha 2 will be persistent until beta, how long can we expect Alpha 2 to last? Closer to 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or longer?
  • Should I expect some fantasy logic for the class conception ? Like if I want to play a Nightspell (Rogue/Mage) should I expect to use illusions and other magical effects to deceive my enemies and not just a fire effect on my blades.
  • horendishorendis Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    How did the people from Sanctus learn magic so quickly? Was it a Divine Application or a Dormant Genetic Memory triggered by passing through the portal or something else?
  • BenjamimicBenjamimic Member, Explorer, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Will seasons take place across all map zones? Say it's currently the winter season, will we see snow in the desert or only in zones with a 4 season biome like the Riverlands?
  • NiKrNiKr Member
    Will there be detargeting or retargeting abilities, akin to L2's Aura Flash or tank Aggro?
  • xillinxillin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    In the recent AMA you spoke of an additional gameplay layer for crafting. Essentially mini games that will effect the outcome of the item produced. Will we need to do this minigame for every item we produce, or will it be something optional we can do to get a better stats or effects on items we plan to actually use, rather than just grind crafting skill?
  • Anything you can share around open world dungeons and population control?

    One of the turn offs for me in new world recently was doing “chest runs” through the open world dungeons. Huge open world dungeon that was zergd with tons of players during set times by each faction and was really just a material farming run. It got not fun fast.
  • Please how many languages ​​will the game be dubbed in when it launches?
  • NeurotoxinNeurotoxin Member, Alpha One
    I asked this last month, too: Can players that are not on boats (swimming, mounted on a swimming creature, flying, gliding) be able to access the auto-flag area of the open waters without being auto-flagged?

    [For clarity--and you don't have to read this part--I am specifically asking about what occurs when a player that is not on a ship or part of a ship crew enters the auto-flag area while remaining ship-free. Will they auto-flag just the same way, or will they be immune to auto-flagging because they don't have a vessel, and aren't potentially hauling a shipment or heading out to battle the Kraken?]
  • Q: What are the limitations on character creation. obviously we have races, and a large character builder, but do you have anything in place to stop people from making characters like in ARK: Survival Evolved, where characters are very deformed and look very goofy. (limitations on height of character etc)
  • palabanapalabana Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 21
    Is Corruption account-wide or per character?
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