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  • Arkethos wrote: »
    @Vaknar mainly just curious about NPC settlements or cities, and how dynamic they might be with NPC actions when out of combat. It would be interesting to see different stages of NPC growth (both in humanoids and critters). Seems like the seasons and passage of time would enable this to a degree. 😊

    THIS we can help you with, as SS has addressed this directly; Others have also been curious, about this topic. It was asked and addressed in an older monthly Q&A - I don't have time to search for it, right now. The information we've had is that no such institutions will exist - BUT:

    In the latest monthly update, we specifically learned about the Creative Director's ideal systems for such layers as NPC animal populations and types taking into account elements like figuring prey NPCs killed vs predator NPCs killed and this having an effect on the local ecosystem. Another example specifically cited was how players' over-harvesting of resources such as timber could affect the regrowth rates.

    We know that CASTLES will initially be inhabited by NPCs, before the first player group conquers/clears one. We know that un-stopped/un-addressed Corruption spread can affect local NPC spawns/types/power. We know that certain world events will have groups of local NPCs occasionally coming at the city walls. We know that certain NPC locations like POI's and dungeon-entrances will feature powerful gatherings of enemies guarding them.

    The NPCs, however, will not develop the Nodes, and their spawns in the wilderness will not resemble anything like a civilization. Essentially, the Nodes' stories are to be ours: the players'.

  • Will we be able to leave our starting location and move to a node on the other side of out continent and start playing there at level 1? Or would we be have to wait till a certain level before we trek across the land to find a distant node to call home?
  • XiCynxXiCynx Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Vaknar wrote: »
    @XiCynx (question)- Please only post one question next time as requested, and if you only posted one question, please make sure to keep it as direct/succinct as possible - that way it's more likely to be picked!

    My apologies on this! Just got excited, next time I'll definitely only put one question and keep it straight to the point.
  • BackstabjoeBackstabjoe Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    edited November 16
    What is the estimated Alpha 2 release date?
  • Will there be enough lore for the players to get lost into? My mind always goes to other games such as ff14. A game like Ashes of Creation deserves a lore bigger than every other MMO in my opinion. Hope you guys can make it ( fingers crossed )
  • UrulokiUruloki Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    My Question is on overall the philosophy prevailing in the Design. Many Questions put to the community are asking for a preferred balance. Should something be rare or plentiful? Resources for crafting is the most current example I've seen. You have discussed around the subject these past years, yet we keep getting asked some generic questions for balance. Balance s hard and complicated.

    I have played MMO's since Ultima Online and the one thing most have in common is the rush to max skill /level and then collecting items to have the best whatever. It seems to me it should be a little harder. Someone making the top level within two days seems extreme. Maybe, a throttle on things/experience should be placed as you gain a lot over shorter time periods? After all, in real life you don't become a Master is 24 hours. Not saying it should be like real life, but a better balance. On the other side, if you are really unlucky, maybe a limit of failures gives you the item / advancement / whatever. This helps the less active players stay somewhat competitive with the professional gamer (sic) and not feeling they can't compete.

    Thanks for taking the time to ask these questions and read our responses.
  • Will AOC utilize future updates/technologies to UE5 such as the newly released 5.1 update.
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