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[Feedback Request] Gathering System Update Shown in October Livestream



  • How many trees can I fit in my inventory? I like the suggestion of a number of comments re: it would be nice to see the felling of the tree as the first act, then harvesting the tree as a secondary. Would add some nice immersion to lumberjacking as well as potentially a game layer to let master loggers extract more value. I could accept that the tree would fade to ash after a few whacks explaining why I can carry the bounty of 100 trees around.

    I think a question was raised in the lore of how rocks form from the ground. The cool rock dudes we saw in the basic melee showcase - can they crawl from the ground and set as stone?

    Im well into herbalism in most games. I'd be keen to hear if you would consider adding mini game in harvesting (or any other gathering). Rather than just harvest and watch the petals fly off after my plant massacre, can you present the plant anatomy and I need to pick and choose whether I'm going to harvest the roots, stem, leaves, flower, thorns etc. Seasonally the gain of each could differ, and each species could have different drop tables, but only a master can extract a few parts of the plant before it fades to ashes...

    Essentially, I feel like the see a thing and pick it up has been done enough and I'm keen to see what you come up with.
  • tbh i just hope the next office hours arent just an Enveus blab session
  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Torsten wrote: »
    tbh i just hope the next office hours arent just an Enveus blab session

    It means we need more people to turn up ;)
    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • DmZDmZ Member
    Animations and sound fx seem good. The one thing that stood out to me was a lack of urgency, which is understandable for showcasing the process. Usually when out gathering, you would be moving quickly between resource nodes, and keeping your vision on a swivel so as not to be hijacked. It takes a couple of moments for the resource to dissolve away into storage and you appear to be free to be moving to the next target node as soon as the gathering animation is complete. I understand immersive players may not be in as much of a hurry, but if you lose your stash too many times your opinion may change. Just trying to gauge approximate timeframes between stops. I also noticed you stopped chopping on one tree before it was cut down. So you would be able to stop and defend yourself if necessary. Will it remain at a certain percentage cut, or will it eventually return to full?
  • Torsten wrote: »
    tbh i just hope the next office hours arent just an Enveus blab session

    I think I've only made it to 1. Always happens when I'm at work
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