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  • According to the wiki: "Classes with Cleric as a secondary archetype are able to choose between life or DEATH augments". Besides the Summoners summons, what DEATH augments improve on DPS classes like rogue, fighter and mage?
  • intrepidkiwiintrepidkiwi Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Apart from the node siege mechanics are there any plans for hostile roaming groups of NPCs?
    Such as partols, scout parties, war parties, bandits, groups seeking a new area to live etc?
    Groups that roam/patrol either a certain area or randomly between nodes and POIs.
    This could be during certain seasons (-migration), due to certain events triggering, increased node influence, increased player population in an area.
    Even retaliation from NPC villages that are attacked by player groups.
  • poisonzpoisonz Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    will AoC have a pineapple pizza recipe in-game?

  • Will it be possible for a Cleric to spec into a viable dps role with the right secondary archetype and skill points?
  • What do you plan to do to address the inevitable quickly rising meta when the game launches? I personally have never liked having to abide by a meta or get booted so if there is room to play what or how you want that would be truly wonderful.
  • How do freeholds work with corrupted players? Since FreeHolds are none PVP zones are they still able to enter a FreeHolds boundary’s? and then access its content?

    If so, What’s stopping them from griefing players then hiding in a Friendly/Guild members Freehold boundary’s where they cant be attacked back and can log out in safety?
  • neuroguyneuroguy Member
    edited November 2022
    Can you elaborate on mayoral caravans and quest driven caravans? What are they and how do they differ from normal personal caravans?
  • BigEBigE Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited November 2022
    It's understood that sieges will be a certain amount (example 250 vs 250 or 500 vs 500).. but there was no mention of it being instanced. We know that the sieges will have a known time to participate. So what is stopping 1,000 other people or half the server from spectating it and tanking performance of your pc? Will there be artifical walls holding the rest of the population back? Also a restricted draw distance so others won't be able to see the siege happen in real time? etc
  • A certain game was critiziced for having all the towns be the same but slightly rotated, what are your plans to make every node look completely different? like let's say there are 2 level 4 ren'kai nodes.
  • Will the majority of rewards from 8-man dungeon grinding be transferable to alts?
  • Will PVP on the Open Seas award PVP progression?
  • Will there be quests with choices where players can essentially "vote" on the eventual outcome from that quest?
  • SpodosSpodos Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How difficult are group-oriented PVE encounters targeted to be? I miss the good old days of EQ where pulling single mobs was an art form and you needed an enchanter / cc if you pulled too many, otherwise it would be too much for your group. Any idea if we will have something similar?
  • LineagerLineager Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Question about Parlor games:
    Is there a concept of what the Parlor games will look like? Maybe you can give an example of one game?
    Games will be for gold or other currency?
    edited November 2022
    How close are you to having a showable Metropolis stage Node and how customizable will they be?
  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Given that you drop "processed goods" when you die, and Alchemy and Cooking are now in Processing, does that mean when you die you drop food, potions, beverages, etc?
    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • GutzgoreGutzgore Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited November 2022
    Will AoC be implementing a collection system? Whether it is mounts, pets, transmogs, etc. Will we be getting a system that allows us to access and use these as well as view/track our progress towards the completionism aspect of gameplay for these collectables, and also not have to carry said collectables in our inventory for example?
  • DolyemDolyem Member
    edited November 2022
    Can we get more information about taverns, such as what benefits there are to actually take on the role as a tavern owner?
  • Are there going to be any really really rare mobs/items/gatherables? Things that have less then 1% chance, so you get super happy if you see one or come across one.
  • MyosotysMyosotys Member
    edited November 2022
    Have you thought about creating a continuously corrupted land area where there would be no rules (no corruption for PK)?

    Im thinking about areas with bosses or ressources to be contested.

    I'm thinking also about a dark, gloomy, depressing and terrifying RP zone where PvP players could ease their frustrations. I imagine also an increased gear loot rate if you die. Of course, the player should be well warned and should think twice before entering this area.
  • With node citizenship being such a driving factor behind the core gameplay loop, how large of a percentage of the playerbase can expect to be able to become a citizen? Will limitations on citizenship slots per node mean that not everyone will have access to it? Or is it something that everyone can expect to be able to be a part of?
  • RefletReflet Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    About tamming skill ; will any sort of summoner be able to tame the in world creatures or beings they are able to summon? Like a necromancer tamming an undead being, a shaman tamming a spirit, a spellmancer tamming elementals, etc.
  • Q: Will grindspots be a part of the land management system and the dynamic world?

    You mentioned, that ressources(trees, flowers), beasts(wolves, rabbits) and products(farming) will be part of the land management system. But... will grindspots be dynamic too? Will centaurs migrate/change if they are killed too often? Will loottables change for them, or for chests? Will they get stronger/weaker?

    In other words: Will grinding a specific spot/npc-village become less profitable over time?
  • On launch will nodes act as starting zones to help spread the population?
  • Arya_YesheArya_Yeshe Member
    edited November 2022
    What if AoC brought a crafting system that under the hood shuffles how players progress in crafting professions? So each day, each player will have a different progress factors? So if a player follows a "craft 100 iron daggers then 100 copper daggers" roadmap his progression will always come different than the roadmap suggests. So everyday the player would have to figure out what is more interesting right now... could be done by heatmaps and randomizers... in the long run this could be used for helping economy imbalances. AFAIK this was never done before, this idea comes from my head and we have no real world examples of this
    PvE means: A handful of coins and a bag of boredom.
  • How does the team intend to avoid problematic combinations between species-specific combat abilities and cross-species cosmetic skins? ie: Giving a hippo-skinned jungle cat a rapid speed boost or allowing a tortoise-skinned frog to leap 10 yards forward.
  • Which game system do you think presents the biggest challenge to the Intrepid team in regards to construction, testing, implementation, balance, etc?
  • Node citizenship is highest in the affiliations tree hierarchy.
    Can citizens of the same node attack each-other?
    Can a gatherer of a vassal node attack a gatherer of a parent node or sibling node if there is no war between their nodes?
    September 12. 2022: Being naked can also be used to bring a skilled artisan to different freeholds... Don't summon family!
  • Will there be a way to resurrect without any XP debt? Like a higher level Cleric Resurrection or a higher tier Scroll of resurrection.
  • Regarding the starting areas, are they tied to node progression or serve as the slightest semblance of stability in the world for new and old players alike and act as safe havens? Will the starting areas have any infrastructure for storing or crafting items?
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