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Dev Discussion #65 - Camera Perspective



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    LeonerdoLeonerdo Member
    edited July 7
    I'm usually zoomed waaayyy out for combat/exploration, angled down 20-30 degrees (enough that the horizon isn't on screen), so I can see as much of the battlefield/surroundings as possible.

    And then I'll zoom in and put the camera to the left/right to talk to NPCs, or over-the-shoulder to do other town-stuff. And sometimes I'm forced to zoom in inside cramped towns, where zooming out would cause the camera to bump into buildings/walls/banners everywhere.
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    HandOfUnityHandOfUnity Member, Intrepid Pack
    The question was asked in our community and the overwhelming majority preferred a decently well zoomed out camera, centered on the character. This zoom should not be as ridiculous as an RTS game POV however. However that does not mean there's no value in being zoomed a bit more and looking over the shoulder of your character. Especially for a archer using a action combat system to aim and fire for example.
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    Ace1234Ace1234 Member
    edited July 7
    I like a flexible camera that I can adapt to the situation. For combat I prefer an isometric view for more information and to better judge distances and angles between characters, except for when I am manually aiming with the reticle in which case its much easier to do that with a first/third person view. For more immersive styles of gameplay I prefer a closer zoom. I think the dynamic camera is nice so I can adjust it to suit my needs on a moment to moment basis, it might also be nice to maybe have some presets or something to quickly jump to specific camera angles/zooms rather than fiddling with it during an intense situation (kind of like how in Armored Core 6 you can unlock the ability to click the analog stick to automatically rotate the camera and your character 180 degrees from where you are currently looking to make kiting more practical and to set up for some cool movement combos like flying above someone then quickly rotating the camera downwards to strike from above). I also think that depending on the intended type of gameplay sometimes it might be appropriate lock the camera perspective in a fixed position in order to deliver a specific experience as well, such as during story moments/quest moments/mini-games, etc., but outside of that I think its best left up to player preferences.
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    adlezadlez Member
    I would love to see a toggleable option for more or less over the shoulder, perhaps even adding filters in the visual settings for top and bottom screen bars for a more cinematic feel
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    New to the community, Long a fan of dwarves. As for camera view, Close over the shoulder with a limited zoom in or out, but not so far out that you can really use this as a way to see over or around terrain. Whats the point of being able to sneak around if your foe is zoomed out like a bird and can see you moving around a mile away..
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    DiamahtDiamaht Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Camera Perspective: What camera perspective do you prefer in terms of both angle and distance from your character? Do different situations call for different perspectives?

    I normally play over the shoulder and zoomed out. I want to see what is in front of me. I also want the option to zoom out quite far, I don't play that way constantly but I always want to ability to get a much larger picture. I don't play directly over the shoulder, I try to find a good balance between height and horizontal angle.

    I would like to see really good sliders for camera height, camera zoom, zoom sensitivity and rotation sensitivity.

    In regards to rotation sensitivity it feels like MMOs that have a slider for this often have an all or nothing feel despite the slider. The issue tends to be slowing the camera down. The sliders always seem able to speed it up to crazy unusable speeds but you don't have a good way to slow it down in an incremental way. I don't know why this is, I suppose it could be user error, but I always seem to run into that issue.
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    MistitiMistiti Member

    Max Zoom out, in "middle" position, in red.
    The green line is the hit range of nuke or bow.
    Orange is top position.
    The wall is the castle wall.
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    ShadowVenShadowVen Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I am a type of player that hates First Person View in games, and I love 3rd person view. I personally prefer very far zoom out if I Wanted, similarly to EQ camera zoom. Zooming out is very beneficial in large Raids for support and dps roles. When fighting the Elder dragon of Tundra, it would be very nice to see a large area around you for any AoE's or linear blindsight attacks. In Ashes where PvP will be focused heavily on Group pvp, I don't see how zooming out can be more advantageous to one player over another when there is group pvp. Max Zoom In/out please =^_^=
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    SolarisSolaris Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Honestly, I think being able to zoom all the way out in a PvP centric game is like cheating. I find it way more challenging as a player when the field of view is slim, as it would be if you were actually in a fight.

    By allowing the player to zoom all the way out, therefore seeing their environment from a bird's eye view, they can see everything coming at them. To me this cheapens the experience. If I wanted to play a MOBA I'd play a MOBA.

    TLDR: If I had the choice, I'd limit how far the player can zoom the camera out to make combat more challenging and realistic.
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    P0GG0P0GG0 Member
    they has to be only one for everybody or the hybrid action / tab target will make random people suffer just for picking the wrong archetype.
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    I pretty much agree with what most people said, here’s what is important to me:
    1. Let users zoom out far, but not too far for it to become a performance issue or an unfair advantage in PvP (let the users zoom out a bit more in PvE maybe)
    2. Left click moving the camera left and right SHOULD NOT move the character left and right (this allows for dynamic gameplay where the user can quickly take a look around while still moving in the same direction)
    3. Right click moving the camera left and right SHOULD also change the direction the character is heading to
    4. Make it possible to disable any mouse movement smoothing/acceleration through the menu
    5. Have the slider for both horizontal and vertical sensitivity and also let the user enter decimal values for fine tuning

    And for the love of the universe: do not hardcode any keybinds. Put in place default keybinds you think make the most sense but let users rebind every single action.
    There are too many games out there completely disregarding disabled users who just cannot use WASD or those who for whatever reasons prefer to use ESDF or even more exotic combinations. This has zero impact on others but has tremendous impact on the overall enjoyability of the game.
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