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  • obblazeobblaze Member
    edited October 2020
    hey guys and girls from intrepid , I really appreciate the work and time you guys dedicated to this game and it does show. I'm a little new to sign up here and still debating on buying the Alpha key pass. i was wondering if we could see some cinematic trailers or sneak gameplay or just a skill preview or even just lore on all the primary classes especially the bard and rogue.
  • HakaijuHakaiju Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2020
    Will stats and values of stats be random to some degree for each item? (Like 8 possible stats on a gauntlet, but only 4 can be on it and a stat can roll between 80 and 100 on a item)
  • Will instanced pvp only pull from your server, or across multiple servers? Will there be aesthetic items only obtainable by arenas?
  • EnleivEnleiv Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Can you provide any additional information on Guild freeholds? Are they something separate from player freeholds, or is it a player freehold that has been 'upgraded' to a Guild freehold? Can player cosmetics, either in-game or from the monthly ones available to us now, be applied to Guild freeholds?
  • Will there be More then 64 Classes in Future Patches? What about Samurai Like stuff? Great Samurai Style Typ of Fan btw :)
  • tobi1577tobi1577 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What will the game's paradigm be towards rare drops that aren't gear/temporary items?

    I am coming from BDO where you have super rare drops (like infinite use mana and hp potions) where one can expect to grind mobs in certain areas for 100+ hours to get. They do not feel overpowered, because you can get similar effects from single use items, but rather feels like a character upgrade that one can set as a long term goal in the game.

    Does the team have any plans or considerations for similar items in the game?
  • Good stuff
  • mytheriosmytherios Member
    edited October 2020
    Are there any plan to add Level boasts, like WoW max level boast, when new expansions are added?
  • DemidreamerDemidreamer Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    In D&D the spell silence is both a cleric and bard spell centered on a creature, object or point in space with a 15-ft radius. What are the chances that we see a silence type spell in AoC as a single target possibly augmented into an AoE?
  • Can we get more information on guild buffs?
  • are we going to have a custom crafting system instead of 1 button crafting ( please anything but this)? maybe something different like Final Fantasy XIV?
  • What gear can a corrupted drop when they get killed. Only what they have equipped or what they have in inventory as well?
  • What are some examples of the action side of the current hybrid combat you have envisioned, mechanically and visually, as in will bow users be able to fire their basic attack in any 3Dvector direction if they are in action camera? And if so, will most of or only a few of them be this way?
  • Do you have any plans to come to a UK gaming convention?
  • So it was said that ashes wanted to focus on "meaningful conflict". Does this mean you condemn any open world PvP outside of these meaningful conflicts? Or is it simply that you want to minimize griefing while also encouraging open world small scale PvP fights which I guess could be considered "Un-meaningful"?
  • RavmarRavmar Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Regarding Freeholds, compared to "another MMORPG" with open-world, non-instanced housing, what can we expect for availability of land on a server? Will the population-to-land ratio be high enough that we have to forsake all other content to participate in the initial land rush? If we don't claim land then, will we be doomed to stand around tax foreclosure properties with "20 of our closest friends" hoping to have the fastest clicking finger?
  • Hello steven hope you are well. Im really curious about the sea content in ashes. I know you have told us about underwater dungeons, ships, port nodes, aquatic mounts but i was wondering if there are any more ideas the team wants to implement when it comes to the sea, im quite interested on whats your mental picture for the sea content present in ashes at launch. Im really looking foward to be able to play the game, i think you guys are doing a great job and i have high hopes for the game, best of luck with the future.
  • In D&D the spell silence is both a cleric and bard spell centered on a creature, object or point in space with a 15-ft radius. What are the chances that we see a silence type spell in AoC as a single target possibly augmented into an AoE?

    Can we also apply it to a character so that they cannot even post in the chat?
    Then we can find the sellers and other annoying chat spammers and silence them. And then allow us to stack so it lasts longer.
  • Hopefully this gets answered this time. Will we have in depth stat tracking such as K/D/A tracking? Another thing could be win ratio tracking in sieges, arenas, and PVP modes. I think we should and be per character, PRIVATE, and able to reset stats every so often via a quest. This is extremely important especially since we will not be able to track stats with add-ons due to them not being allowed.
  • Will there be different types of music playing in the background? I've heard all of the more relaxed piano music and it sounds amazing, but heavier action in-game would feel even more epic accompanied by heavier music.
  • Are you planning on implementing speech bubbles for better roleplaying and more immersion?
  • Leolouch Vi BritanniaLeolouch Vi Britannia Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    When it comes to Gathering, will you be able to find the same resource in multiple spots around the map? Or will each resource be unique to a single area on the map? Will there also be limited/legendary resources that can only be gathered during a specific time/season or certain conditions met?
  • Will buildings built on freeholds cost the same in terms of resources as those built by the mayors of nodes? And in turn, will mayors be able to adjust local gathering quests to fit the need of requirements for buildings?

  • chaoticwaffleschaoticwaffles Member, Intrepid Pack
    will skins be mixable? like take some part of one skin and apply it and then other parks of other skins to the rest?
  • Have you considered Single Sign-On tags? (I.E. providing an optional switch that would allow players who have you on their Friends list to be able to know that you are logged in, even if you're not on a specific toon)
  • SchlolSchlol Member
    edited October 2020
    Hey Steven and the AoC community.

    To my question: Will I be able to interact with the mini-MAP / MAP?

    With that I mean for example:
    ● Put out pins - for monsters, houses, enemies, gathering areas and more.
    ● Pins with text notes.
    ● Be able to "draw" on the map - to show the way we will be traveling or how the gank will be set up.

    Best Regards, Schlol (soft C, not a HARD)
  • Hey Steven and the AoC community.

    To my question: Let's say im a Crafter - Carpentry.
    Do all furnitures have the same style or will they be different depending on what Race I am?
    Or will I be able to craft whatever style I want?

    Best Regards, Payne
  • Is there gonna be a special spectator mode for the PVP combats in arenas or so?
  • ShazeShaze Member, Phoenix Initiative, Explorer, Alpha One
    Hey Steven, you answered Kalez in DM, but we need a public quote for the wiki please:
    Will we have EXP debt penalties in Arena, Sieges, Caravans, Battlegrounds and more since it would cause stat dampening? (Logically speaking there should be no EXP debt for these)

  • Half Tilt GamerHalf Tilt Gamer Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What kind of Ladder systems will we have for PvP content? Will there be a ladder unique to each mode or more of an all encompassing one? (Separate for 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, etc)
    Can we elaborate more on the Arena spectating ability if that is still planned? Would be fun to do some commentary & tournaments for content.
    Find me on Youtube and Twitch as Half Tilt Gamer!
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