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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 16, 2017



  • What will the in game currency be? Will there be multiple?
  • will PvE dungeons have same player level drops for example if you are level 14 and you get level 14 drops but someone else is level 50 do they get level 50 drops , as this will make match making quicker , and will help newer players interact with the community and find friends and guilds 
  • will there be tiny mounts like a war pig
  • If I get a drop from a Raid Boss, do I get a +10 Sword of Awesome or do I get a crafting component that I need to give to a high level crafter to make a +10 Sword of Awesome?
  • Will there ever be a quest in the future that could unlock a third gender?

    Asking for a friend.  :|
  • Hey everyone I have a multiple part question? What would happen if there where players that made major contributions to the society just completely stopped playing, would their house and other property become open for purchase? And how will that affect the world ?
  • Will players have an idle animation?
  • Is there any intention (pre-launch/after launch) to check your in-game market sales, make sales out of game through with website / ipad app; for the casual sofa surfer!

  • Question: Fall Damage?
  • Will we be able to Resize/Move/Adjust the UI and the fonts?
  • Candypain said:
    If I get a drop from a Raid Boss, do I get a +10 Sword of Awesome or do I get a crafting component that I need to give to a high level crafter to make a +10 Sword of Awesome?
    I think you mean +10 sword of Jeffery 
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    How much have you thought about weapons? Are they just going to be stat sticks and look pretty? Or would the attack speed and range of the weapons change the attribute of abilities/gameplay of the class so you could tailor the class to your own playstyle?

    Let's take a fighter as an example. Could I maybe use a two-handed sword for wider and longer range, more raw burst damage but it would make the abilities slower, or maybe bracers or some short swords to increase the speed of the abilities but lower the damage output but that could enable faster gameplay and maybe some combos. 

  • How many servers will there be? Are they going to be strictly geographically split up?

  • There's a lot of confusion about how the archetype system is going to work. Will a ranger/summoner be able to summon a beast? Do we get new actives with our secondary archetype? How different are the playstyles and aesthetics of classes with the same archetype?
  • Another question: How will you make the same gathered item relevant throughout the game? How will the iron I gathered back in level 1 still be of use for me later on? When you level up your gathering/processing/crafting would you start to gather/use new stuff or be able to increase the quality of your iron to make it equal to maybe mithril. (sorry for long questions :P)
  • How will travel to and from the Underrealm function? Will it be easy enough for caravans to travel between it and the Overworld without any extra difficulties while still being able to make the Underrealm feel like a completely different "realm?"

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    How will you handle node and season transitions?  Some examples: would they simply pop into existence or will there be multiple substages or transitioning animations.  Will seasons gradually change or will they be different the next server maintenance?
  • Oooh, a pretty important question for me, (haven't looked through the pages of questions so I'm not sure if this has been asked), that shouldn't take too long to answer.

    Will OCE and SEA servers be separate servers or one single combined one?

    One way or the other doesn't really matter to me as long as I know what's going to happen at least. That factors greatly in recruitment/alliance talks and also community building. 
  • Will there be skills like tracking? If yes, would it be something you invest on and give up other perks for? Would it be the same case for stealth detection?
  • Any chance we can get more info on the Summoner class and maybe the Bard's combat setup?
  • Will all metropolises look unique and have different layouts?
  • Will you be able to sell stuffs that you buy from market with real life money?
    If yes: Are you then not afraid that the game will become P2W because people can sell the items they bought with real life money to sell it for gold.

  • I am not sure if this was asked or not, but I am going to ask anyway.
    Will the nods have a geographic difference between them? Like nods in mountains will they have different features?
    P.S maybe nods on islands? With underwater resources.
    Make Atlantis great again!!:D 
  • Similar to how there is racial architecture.. How will racial armour/clothing work will a Vaelune only be able to make Vaelune styled armour or will we be able to make any sort of armour regardless of race?
  • Can there be environmental hazards/advantages? such as a mage melting a frozen lake as an enemy crosses?
  • Question 1: Will weapons have different reach areas? shortbow vs longbow or dagger vs spear for example?

    Question 2: Will player races have same sized hitbox or does some of the races have smaller one like dwarfs for example?
  • What will be the currency in Ashes of Creation? Ex: Gold, tier system of Gold (copper, silver, gold, platinum, etc), or maybe a unique currency.
  • Why do you have a pot of grass on the table while you answer questions? Was a Puppy too much to take care of?
  • I trust today's stream will be posted to YouTube? When will it be available for those of us unable to view it live? Work tends to interfere with play more often than I like.

    Getting more stoked for this game all the time - keep up the good work (and please keep the community in the loop and involved)!
  • Can you leave some space for occasional trolling? it's kinda fun.
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