Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – May 24, 2017

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<div>Hey everyone! We’re collecting questions to answer live on air during Wednesday’s (5/24) Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT. Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick 10 to answer live on-stream. Please only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered.</div>
<div>Thanks for your help!</div>


  • Are you planning to add a gift option on the website? For game packages
  • Will monsters drop gold and items or will they drop mob specific crafting materials? If the latter, will there be a barter system or minting craft?
  • Will there be diminishing returns for pvp?
  • How important is the cleric in a raid or pvp , in other words is this class mandatory for raiding and entering a dungeon ? Can other classes heal themselves as efficiently ?

    and can we see game play or spells or anything regarding the cleric ?
  • Will there by any game mechanic that will let players work as a smuggler? Could I for example run goods through a caravan or ship for other people and get paid for it?
  • a) English:
    With the success that the Kickstarter is having and knowing that the Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and that the great majority of the times always stays at the gates of being able to understand and to play as it is due to many games, especially mmorgp where The immersion is very important, will it be Ashes Of Creation another of so many games in which they will leave the Spanish speaking players in the stake? Will you add some stretch goal related to the translations into other languages, for example Spanish?

    b) Español:
    Con el éxito que está teniendo el Kickstarter y sabiendo que la lengua española es uno de los idiomas más hablados en el mundo y que la gran mayoría de las veces siempre se queda a las puertas de poder comprender y jugar como es debido a muchos juegos, sobretodo mmorgp donde la inmersion es muy importante, ¿será Ashes Of Creation otro de tantos juegos en los que dejaran en la estacado a los jugadores de habla española?¿añadireis algun stretch goal relacionado con las traducciones a otros idiomas, por ejemplo el español?

  • With regard to experience and leveling up. I remember from a previous twitch stream mentioning a "contribution experience". Does this mean that crafters will level up their overall levels through crafting (meaning their PvP/E levels as well as their crafting levels) and what not or will they have to also work on their PvP/E levels separately?
  • Can I build a shrine to my chosen diety on my freehold please and if not can you take it under consideration please, thanks guys.
  • I have a question on going the route of doubling down on the same class. For example… Would a Mage/Mage basically be the ultimate glass cannon? Thanks! ????
  • 1) How complex will crafting armor/weapons be? For example, if I am crafting a sword, do I craft the entire sword or all the individual pieces? For armor, will we be able to craft individual pieces, such as a chestplate, and then wear that chestplate with a different armor piece, or will armor just be one full piece that cannot be combined with other armor sets?

    2) How will enchanting items work and what will we see? Will enchanting be a profession, allowing players to enchant and sell items to other players? Will enchanted items have visual effects? For example, if I were to enchant a sword with a fire ability, would my sword be covered in fire?

    3) When your location is revealed to bounty hunters (due to corruption), is your exact location revealed, or the general area you are in? Will bounty hunters (and other players) know exactly where you're hiding, or will you have the option to hide?
  • So... Read all of this before judging it... Will there be breast sliders on female characters.

    Hold the torches and pitchforks, anyone who was grabbing them, I want to mention, I think adding this as an option would promote more modestly proportioned female characters, since, every MMO I've played which does not have this as an option, if you were to add a slider to these games, the default model would, most of the time, fall in the top 75%, at least, and often the top 90. (The mage from your mage video would be at about 90, for example)
  • What do you guys forecast it will take for a node to reach a Metropolis stage, in terms of level of effort and in time?

    Are you thinking a year? 6 months? 2 weeks? If shorter, what can be done to make it feel less gamey and "min-maxed" by players who only want the "best nodes" because of X spawns, etc?
  • If you were in front of a potential backer that was skeptical about intrepid delivering what is promised; nd they were on the fence, what would be your elevator pitch in order to sway them to pull the trigger.
  • If a node or metropolis is built and destroyed multiple times, will the content that unlocks as the node advances change each time or will the same content just lock and unlock with each development or downbringing of said node?
  • Can you add an alternative $1000 kickstarter package with something else besides the guild stuff and maybe the launch party for those who would not be using those but want to back a bigger package?
  • Tell us more about the marriage system! ????
  • Can you tell us what summoners will be summoning? Will it be demons, undead, monsters, elementals? Will they be permanent pets or temporary? Will you be able to summon more then one or only one at a time?
  • In ashes, what is in place to stop everyone having the same build, armor and skills to maximize their performance. Like in other mmos
  • Hello, I'm here for all the peeps that spend 3+ hours on character creation alone. What more could you tell us about character creation aside from BDO-esque morphing style? Will we be able to do things such as; determine the muscularity (or lack of) for our characters, full spectrum color choices for things such as eyes and hair, possibly even different voice types or pitches ranging from youthful to mature/rugged?
  • What can we expect for healing and support classes. will clerics be the only healing class?
  • In the crafting system will we be able to create our own epic recipes or will all the recipes be created by devs. Same question for breeding of pets and mounts.
  • Will gear have other effects besides stats? Cooldowns, status effects, etc.
  • looking for minor clarification on the crafting system: are the artisan classes separate? so for example is a "mining gatherer" and a "skinning gatherer" separate in the profession options, or are they just "gatherers" that chose different choices from a single artisan tree?
  • Can we have a sword of Jeffery for all backers?!?!?!
  • 1. Who are the members of the Ashes of Creation technical team? (not artists the back-end creators)
    2. How does Intrepid intend to overcome the replication problem and Net Role issues with Unreal Engine?
    3. How, in detail, will the engine resolve sync issues of past FPS-based MMORPGs.
    4. How much money has been delegated to creating the back-end code?
    5. The team is historically small for a back-end netcode project. Do you intend to hire more people?
    6. Please explain if you will utilize a server cloud and the methods for load balancing severe load situations. Eg. What information will go to Server B when Server A is at capacity?
    7. How do you intend to debug the back-end code in detail?
  • Lets say you want to have multiple Characters how many will we be able to have in both the Alpha/Beta and the Full release? Will it only be one, two or more?
  • Will we be able to have multiple action bars set up? For instance, one for PVE, one for PVP, one for travel (since there will be skills that can be used to navigate terrain). Or will we have to move Individual skills each time we are in a different situation?
  • Have you checked out Liam's crafting idea?

    <a href="">Liam's Crafting Idea</a>
  • Class and Race question:

    On the kickstarter it reads:

    <blockquote> ” Our goal here is to create a system where an elven fighter feels different, but serves the same role as a dwarven fighter. “</blockquote>

    Can you give more details about this, or possibly an example? Will this be the obvious, like animations / fighting style… or something else?
  • Q: Without the "normal end-game" you find in other MMOs (WoW, Rift, Wildstar, FFXIV) will you be able to make competitive, or challenging, PVE that scales well with player gear and levels in terms of instanced raids.

    Reasons to ask this from other people and myself:
    The lack of a DPS meter and this non-normalized end game worries me, that I'm going to be stuck playing WoW forever to have challenging PVE content.

    We have very little knowledge on any form of instanced raids, cap on players, level requirements etc. (IE Wildstar failure with 40man raids)

    Most games with a form of action based combat tend to fail at making raids.

    Large bosses although look cool can make it hard to make raid mechanics that aren't the one-shot boring style, or overly predictable.
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