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What would you guys like to see regarding the crafting system?

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Title says it all.  Since AoC still has a lot of time until launch, they can pretty much experiment with whatever they want regarding crafting.  So if you have any ideas or anything, comment below!

Personally, I'd love to see a crafting system that doesn't limit the player at all by day/account/whatever.  The production points system in Tera absolutely KILLED the crafting for me, because I couldn't craft as many things as I'd wanted, and once I'd crafted too much, I couldn't gather either, so I'd really appreciate it if AoC didn't have any similar systems.  The "Crafted by: " on every item seems to be a nice touch, and I'd appreciate it if top-tier items were all crafted, so crafters would feel actually needed; maybe specific crafters would commonly be recognized in the community, and praised for their top tier crafts. 


  • I know that great feeling of finding a new game and being full of piss and vinegar about what I wanted to see from the game. Please take some time and research what little is known on crafting. Every couple weeks we have someone post basically the same thing, asking for the same information for stuff that is readily there. A simple forum search will give you plenty of starting points for your great Ashes knowledge hunt.

  • Personally, I only really want to see one thing out of the crafting system. Many MMOs make the actual process of crafting completely meaningless. You basically just gather tons of mats, and chuck them at a progress bar over and over, creating tons of useless stuff. Or just doing it so quickly with no meaningful interaction. 

    I would like to see crafting happen less often, but be far more satisfying when you go to craft, like each time you have actually accomplished something. I want to see it being done more too. I want it to feel like I have really smashed out a piece of metal, or stitched together a coat. Nothing over the top, just a more meaningful experience overall. 

    Especially with freeholds being a thing, I think the act of crafting could really shine and maybe even be interesting to watch as you march by the forge on your way to the tavern. I really do believe this kind of vision fits into what the rest of AoC is doing. They are making everything in a way that has impact on the world, and is visible to others (Caravan system as an example). I expect nothing less for the way we will be carefully creating the items that will protect and sustain us on our journeys.
  • @UnknownSystemError I appreciate you trying to cut down on repetitive threads, but this thread isn't asking about what Intrepid has said, it's simply asking people for what they want.  Of course, people typing what they want may overlap with what Intrepid has already done, but that does nothing but send Intrepid a message that they've done the right thing.  I personally opted to say things that mattered the most to me, even though Intrepid has already spoken about them, because everything about this game is tentative.  Anything may change at any time if they feel that it better suits the game, and I want to at least leave my 2 cents on what's most important to me as a player

    @StarFoxWasHere If you want to truly 'feel' like you've stitched together a coat  or smashed out a piece of metal, do you think that it would be beneficial to make crafting an active, non-AFKable process?  Maybe like a minigame or something?  Or would you simply want the investment to truly feel rewarding as a whole?
  • I'm hoping crafting is in depth and some level of complexity and is meaningful.
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    Primarily, I would want crafting to be something that has weight to it. One way to do this, is you put more emphasis on finding materials, recipes and other rare items and make everything that leads up to that satisfying smell of strength imbued stew very worthwhile. From my experience, especially in Gw2, you just press a button and watch stacks of sword handles pop out the other side like a magic kids oven. Making just one thing should feel like an accomplishment, not just a grind.

    The second big thing would be simply time and animation. I want to have to start up my forge and wait for it to heat up. From there, not a mini game, but just act of bring a golden hot piece of rare metal with tongs, to the anvil, where some hammering leaves me with the blade I'm looking for. Then maybe a heat-treatment stage, followed by a Polish stage. 

    So still not a mini game, but you would lose the metal if you just left it in the forge for 20mins unattended, or your soup would burn if not removed in time, or stirred.

    I know some of this may sound tedious, but if you only had to do it every so often (for the average player gearing up), then the process would only build the excitement to see the final product and go shred some monsters with it.

    Now for the deticated craftsmen, as they increase in skill, they might have 6 forges running at once, carefully and masterfully managing them to print out a surplus of weapons and armor. The more skilled, the better the quality. They then have a full blown trade to make their way in the world of Verra. As they slowly but surely become master craftsman, their rank would allow them to grant quests for much of the materials they would otherwise have to spend hours aquiring.

    One player soon becomes node famous for his cookhouse, and soon becomes the go-to tavern for the rarest of foods and a fantastic opportunity for up and coming adventures to make a quick buck filling out quests. 

    On a side note, I think it would be sweet if those who invested in a certain trade, and in high-end equipment for that trade, should be more successful and quick in producing those items than the average joe chucking chickens at frying pans like a madman. 

    I really believe that if they are going to have a game so rooted in economy, they need to make it valuable for players to pursue mainly one trade. So each player can soon take up niche places in the node.

    The only real issue with some of my ideas, is that the player who wants to be a hermit, and do everything for themselves, will struggle a lot. But really, I think AoC is already driving towards a community game that demands players to band together and build sustainable economies and defenses to survive. 

    Edit: Sorry I realize this turned into a small book. Most of it is really unrealistic too, but hey, here is to hoping!
  • What I want;

    A system where the actual task of creating an item is enjoyable. When you initiate a craft you have a small mini-game, but a mini-game that is different based on what you are crafting, and that somewhat mirrors the task you are performing.

    As an example, if you are a smith and you are hammering out an iron ingot to make some armor, you may get a mini-game that is mechanically similar to a whack-a-mole game, where you are heating up the iron and have to strike it with your hammer in spots as they heat up.

    Then when you are riveting the armor together, you have a tetris-style game.

    The difficulty of the mini-game can be tied to the quality of the item being made, and then character level and apparatus quality can be used to adjust that difficulty downwards. Ingredient quality should only ever impact the final product, not the process getting to it.

    What I expect;

    A system that is broad, but shallow.

    I don't expect crafting itself to be overly exciting. I expect the game to provide us with a whole lot of recipes to go out and collect, whether by quest, drop, purchase or discovery.

    I expect there to be a wide variety of recipes, and I expect components to come from all sorts of places. This doesn't add depth to a system though, it simply adds more manure to pick through in order to get to the few gems that players want.

    Once a character has the recipes and the ingredients in hand, I don't expect Ashes crafting to be any different from 90% of the MMO's out there. Sadly.
  • Funny story I was saying the other day that I actually liked crafting in Bless.  Its like every piece of armor requires iron ore, not 20 different type of ores, just the amount of refined bars and possibly a dungeon mat being what makes the difference.  Its simple, but it also means that I can collect thousands of iron ore and do all my crafting through that.  If the system is too complex I would probably steer away.  Im not much of a crafter though.  
  • I want less Recipe Crafting. More " Soft Crafting ". As mentioned in this Thread
  • Whatever they do with the crafting system please don't make me craft dozens of useless vendor trash items at each tier just to advance my profession.

  • I'd like to see materials and combinations of materials have some effects.

    For example, if you make a bow from pine or fir, it will have basic stats.   Make a bow from Willow that one will resist breaking (wood is springy) and from oak, the bow can do a tiny bit more damage as the wood has a faster snap to it.   

    Combine willow and oak into a composite, and you get a more durable bow, with a slightly faster snap to it.

    Add something odd to that mix, like rose wood, or cinnamon wood, and you get a nicely durable faster action bow, which is rather fragrant.   The scent could even add a masking effect for rangers, making them less detectable(trackable) by scent.

    This would give people opportunities to harvest normally overlooked materials, and see what mixing them into a known design might accomplish. 

    It could be too complex to pull off, but some minor effects based on materials used would be cool. 
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    " oh gee, maybe having the ability to Craft new abilities " >~>
    Intrepid already said no on a LiveStream  (;;>.'<;;)

  • I just don't want crafting to be a grind.
    I want it to be as engaging and interesting a pastime as adventuring or questing can be - however that is accomplished. 
  • I'd really like to be able to donate gear I make to the city to bolster the guards. I think it'd be a nice crafting sink and could possibly be rewarded by the city with money.... (this does sound like vendoring >.>   oh well at least it'll have a point to it.)
  • Loyheta said:
    I'd really like to be able to donate gear I make to the city to bolster the guards. I think it'd be a nice crafting sink and could possibly be rewarded by the city with money.... (this does sound like vendoring >.>   oh well at least it'll have a point to it.)
    Reminds me a bit of the writ system in EQ2.   Basically, instead of selling crafting gear for coppers on the gold, you'd be trading it in for favorable faction.   (A social currency instead of a physical one.)

    It would be nice to see this aspect have a physical presence in the world though, such as NPC guards wearing the gear you made for them during city sieges, etc. 

    To take it another step further, perhaps guilds could "sponsor" NPC guards defending the city.  Out fitting him or her with the best gear they can make, and each victory he makes in battle adding to the guild's status.

    Don't know, just brain storming here. 
  • My though was when gearing up for a siege, that all that crafted stuff would be needed aside from raw materials.  I like the idea of fortifying your local area from village to metro.  Building faction points would be another way to grow.  Might even include social organizations.
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    SWG Crafting + Soft Crafting = Golden spot for me (i think) 
    Do prefer Soft Crafting
  • @Rumbleforge
    BrainStorm more >~>
  • I want to craft Noah's Ark, then I want there to be a flood that kills everyone on the server so the players can say, "wtf?"
  • sunfrog said:
    I want to craft Noah's Ark, then I want there to be a flood that kills everyone on the server so the players can say, "wtf?"
    I also want to build a ark but the ark I want is for the undead ^^

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