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  • Hello all, i just cant wait to play this game. Keep up the good work intrepid!
  • zuckerzucker Member
    Hi, I'm Zucker. Ready for this adventure!
  • NitpickNitpick Member
    Greetings from The Czech Republic, adventurers. You can call me Nitpick. I've been playing games since I was 4 (started on Gothic 1 & 2) and I was playing all kinds of games. I started my online game experience on Metin 2, 4story and good old HOM&M, and as I was getting older, I got interested into action more. I played S4League, where I was in top 50 on the server (12 years back, I think), Vindictus and the old Dragon Nest (where I absolutely adored the combat systems!) and after that (even though I scratched the surface on L2, GW2, Perfect World, Black Desert, WoW and many more), I've got hookep up on LoL. Been playing ever since. I hope that this game will pull me back into the MMORPG genre, where I had most fun thanks to the communities they had.
    Little fun fact: I was never active (or part of) on any forums before. This game holds so much power, that I am venturing (as an introvert) in the unknown. I just hope I don't break any unspoken forum rules or anything. :s
  • Greetings from Germany,
    i am playing video games since i was 6 years old that is now over 30 years...
    I´ve enjoyed the following MMORPGs over the years with clearly the most time played in WOW:
    1) WOW 2)Guild Wars 2 3) SWTOR 4) Wildstar 5) ESO.
    At the moment i am searching for a new MMO to play with my friends - we recently played some POE together after beeing annoyed by D3 (a really cool project by the way).
    Some of them are now in WOW classic but this is not an optinon for me ... not again after spending litterly years there...

    Then i came across ashes of creation and nearly everything what ist told by intrepid ticks the right boxes!
    Please get this done and running !
    I love to join the testing phase in Alpha2 - can´t wait for it!

  • FlaggFlagg Member
    Hi there, I'm Flagg, I've had tons of aliases in many games and have been playing games online and single-player for over 30 years. My first MMORPG was probably UO, depending on how you qualify an MMO. My most notable one was AC1: Darktide, where I ran a rather large and successful monarchy for years.

    I'm a former marine, former priest, former surfer, former game theorist, former IT Director and former (soon to resurrect) streamer.

    My discord is The Dark Tower: https://discord.gg/x8kfFSy, please feel free to hit me up and pardon the cob-webs. We're working to bring the tower back to full operation in the next month or so.
  • RaydarRaydar Member
    Hello community, my name is Raymond, I am from England, have played MMORPG'S for many years now with my first being games such as DAoC and SWG, and more recently games such as WoW and FFXIV, with many more in between.

    While I did indeed back Ashes of Creation some time ago I have only recently got involved more so with having to bring work back home until further notice which is giving me more time, I am looking to find suitable end game PVX Semi Hardcore guild for myself a dedicated healer and three friends that are from Sweden, Germany, England who play DDx2 and Tank.

    I wish Intrepid Studios all the best with the dev stages and hope you deliver the game everyone here is wishing for.
  • aesonaeson Member
    Hi All

    Been a while since I checked in on how Ashes is progressing.
    Looks like we got completely new forums since then too!

    Can't wait to start exploring Vera!
  • DaveMLGDaveMLG Member
    Heyo, name's Dávid but you can call me Dave. My first mmorpg was a shitty game called Metin2, but at that time(2011) I was just some eleven years old boy wanting to have fun. Though the game was a shit (and still is :D) I had fun with the community in it and for that I am waiting for Ashes of Creation as the current MMO I am playing (World of Warcraft) just sucks in terms of community and it lacks lot of RPG elements. I am glad to be a part of this project, and I hope the game will live to its expectations and it will suck thousands of hours of my life :D
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  • Greetings, Serena Venport at your service, grandmaster merchant.
  • Hey guys! We are most excited for player housing. That looks like a cool feature to add to an MMO so we hope it works out for you. It's almost embarrassing that World Of Warcraft still has not done this in a way that fans had wanted and asked for but I am glad you are listening to your player base.
  • Hello,

    My name is Wompingtons I have only recently found out about AoC. I’m super excited and have this feeling like you took dale doback (sand-box) and brennan huff (mmorpg) from step brothers and they just became best friends. Revolutionary......
  • EradalEradal Member
    Hey all. :)
    I was born in the Pyrian royal family of Eradal.



  • FedayginFedaygin Member
    edited August 3
    Greetings, Fedaygin here. I’m a Furniture Artesan by prof & fan of dogs, soccer & history. Game mostly on Pc & lil bit on PS4 (later that to recycle & buy PS5). I like Movies that capture your mind when watching & well made Telly Series. Started my Pc Gaming around 2004 & Mmo 'Career' launched at autumn 2004. Did play Pc randomly starting from -95, but b then was more of a Amiga 600 (Amiga the good ol PC's Father) & PS1 gamer.

    On these days i choose Mmo's carefully cause too many Developer teams simplify them for Lazy Gamers. Then if some totally lazy plrs who don't wanna work for their char's prog. at all, they complain on forum & send Nerf Request via Ticket. Sadly too often Devs bow to them & use Simplification Hammer for any content whether it's just normal story mode in the world or instanced :( Also transportation is simplified too much esp. knowing that is Mmo & means that it's not meant to be finished in one day :persevere:

    Transport simplifying often includes making mounts to have too fast max speed, many teleport a.k.a insta travel nodes & cd or price for them to be too very low. All that destroys Immersion :/Hope that Ashes of Creation won't receive same sad treatment & already good to know that lazy mode flying won't be added as common feature. I'm very excited to experience the moment when dive into Ashes of Creation's World cause it looks stunning & combat seems nice. Also looking forward to diving into Housing & Crafting. Combat doesn't seem to be one that causes Seizure (Asian Mmos) style so that's great :) Watched Devs livestream that came out July 31st. Good fun to watch w great commentary & like the UI in A.Of Creation <3

    Introduction part stayed shorter than actual praising the content / artwork that have seen so far :P Following the development news, sharing good word about A.O.Creation around Wicked Wide Web & hope to find the way to dive into beta later when time is ready. Wish good August & rest of the year for Devs & Fans o/ Pst: Everyone remember proper Hygiene manners during these troubled times 'thanks' to China's sad 'gift' :(

    Kindly: Terry "Fedaygin" (Y big fan of Dune Univ. since early -90's when friend bought me first 3x Dune Books as Gift & then played sweet Dune games on Amiga, love Tv Mini-Series & movie too.
    PST: Hope we finally get that upcoming Dune movie Dec. this year (no delay pls cause of China's 'gift') & that ppl share good word about it & support with cinema time & digital purchase. It ensures the continuation via cinema & series.
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  • xenfallxenfall Member
    Hey all, Xenfall here. I've been following the game since a little after the Kickstarter and fell in love immediately with all the concepts it hopes to realize to all of us. I am most excited about gathering/crafting and living in a node and watching its history evolve over the course of the game.
  • Hello I'm 24GarrettGold! I'm new to the ashes community, but have been playing MMOs all my life. I fancy myself a tank in and outside of game, so a big hobby of mine is armored combat!

    I'm most excited to explore a new world with great lore and make new friends.
  • Hello! Name's grantguy (Grant) been following Ashes for about a month (End of due June 2019) and can't stop reading/watching content. SUPER excited for this game and love all the content.
  • Extermicide from the "Old Timers Guild", YOUTUBE, & TWITCH checking in!
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  • Howdy all
  • MopharMophar Member
    Hello Everyone! I am Mophar, a fellow MMORPG player. I have experience in multiple MMOs including AA, WoW and BDO. I have recently boarded the hype train after seeing Summit1Gs/Shrouds and Asmongolds interviews with Steven. See you all on the battlefield!
  • B) Hello I'm here to play the next big hit
  • Hi folks! I’m MajorKozmo, either Major or Kozmo is fine. Been following Ashes for a couple years, but only recently seen how well Intrepid are doing with it. Most keen for the PvE and experiencing the Node development.
  • BoomBoom Member
    edited August 4
    I'm Boom. Musician, hunter, and I love discussions in fan theory. My only MMO experiences are from Warhammer Online and WoW vanilla. I'm enjoy playing games manually (no macros, add-ons, scripts, etc.) in the same way some like to drive stick instead of an automatic transmission.

    I enjoy grouping for content and growth, but I also love being secluded. Beyond trying the bard out, I most look forward to building my own ship and sailing it to the far ends of the world. I love exploring, so finding some small forgotten island to be alone on and fish for a bit would be grand. I love feeling lost in a game. NOT knowing where to go, where everything is, or which direction would be best to head into. The environment always feels smaller and less impressive after you've learned the terrain.

    I also look forward to making an alt evil conjurer to kill you all. Best of luck. ;)
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  • hayazi96hayazi96 Member
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    Hi, I'm Hayazi, usually called lazily by others by other names such as "Hazy" or "Hey-Ya" and more recently "Vandal"...yeah, a lot of names and well I do know others with more, lets not go there.

    I''m new to this game(Thank Lazy Peon for that)and the only MMO I played other than a minor 2 weeks free period on WOW back in 2010, would be 300ish hours of Casino simul- I mean BDO. If I didn't spend any money on that game, I'd be able to afford the voyager plus twice over, and that's catching myself before i got to deep.

    I want to be a solitary figure, i wish to just go do things I like such as mining, looking for recources, gathering, blacksmith fishing or things like that, I really hope that there is fishing and that it's not a boring fishing experience like BDO, Warframe or MH:W if it exists, I legitimately hope that it's in the game and actually interesting if it is.

    If there ain't fishing, whats the point of the Sea? Sea Monsters? Boring~. let me catch fish, and let me or someone else cook it, let the food look as tantalizing as Monster Hunters worlds.
    I'll sleep and wake up when the world ends.
  • GloomGloom Member
    Hi All,

    Gloom here from Canada! Looking forward to seeing you all in game. Shifting from GW2 to here as I'm tired of the imbalance in PvP currently.

    You will all find me in the battlefield, yas~
  • Hello I’m Coatimundi, I’ve been following this game since it started. I’ve contributed to it via startup and would love to continue via playing it when it releases. Also looking for a semi serious guild for pve, dungeons, and some awesome castle sieges! Looking forward to having fun with you all!
  • SupaflySupafly Member
    edited August 4
    Hi all! New to forums but I've been following the progress of Ashes for a while now. Haven't played a game like this since my Lineage 2 days so I'm optimistic that Ashes will fill that void that's been missing what L2 did for me for quite a while now.
  • Howdy y'all! Fuji here. Got hyped for AoC by a friend and here I am diving on.

    Besides being excited for many things, one that is piquing my interest at the moment is Cooking and Crafting for houses!
  • Greetings. Black Knight Ashram Flameguard at your service. Looking forward to Alpha-1 and sharing a few ales with you all in the near future. And if you purchase an apartment, house, or freehold, remember to keep those doors barred and locked at night.
  • Hi Everyone! I’m Jujutsu91 and im from Sweden. I have followed ashes of creation for a year and i cant wait for the day when i can play this mmorpg game. Im so hyped! :-)
  • RakestoRakesto Member
    Hi everyone! I'm 26, from England, I've been catching up over the past few days on everything that's been going on, and needless to say I'm hooked!

    Looking forward to seeing how well everything goes and finding some awesome people to play with on a regular basis :smile:
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