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  • Archi McQueenArchi McQueen Member
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    In the aftermath of a node siege there is a period where freeholds can be attacked. Are these attacks only allowed for participants of the siege? Or are we going to see raiding parties waiting on the outskirts of a ZOI of a sieged node that are going to lay waste to the periphery of a destroyed node?
  • VarimathraVarimathra Member
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    What is the general difficulty going to be like in Ashes of Creation? One big flaw in most MMOs is that the content is super easy until you hit the endgame. I understand that the dungeons become harder the deeper you venture but what about basic leveling and questing around the world? Can I run to every creature and mini-boss and kill them without any effort or do I actually have to think about what I'm doing or even group up? This of course coming from a seasoned MMO player.
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    Do we know the size of the hit box?
  • I know release is ages away so you're probably unsure about this but for us shitty internet folk will there be a feature like;
    being able to play the game with 20% downloaded like some other mmos, or
    letting us download the game but not play it before launch so its ready for the release night
  • Nodes 3?
  • Greetings to Intrepid, many thanks for giving us hope that an MMO can be a wonder once again.

    My question is about how we will be able to switch builds between PvE and PvP specifically: For example I want to raid with my bard and presumably will have some manner of 'talent tree' but will almost certainly want a different set of specializations for Arena PvP.

    How do I switch between them, and how much control and flexibility do I have with customizing my class? Many thanks!
  • MurderlustMurderlust Member
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    Hello, wonderful Intrepid Team!

    1. Do you plan to change some ability animations in the future of will you just add effects on them? For example, Tank's "Resounding smash" (When tank is pulling 2-handed mace and strikes the target with it). Because it's not an actual weapon that you have equipped that will mess a visual fluidity of combat a bit and that you could not get visual progression for that particular mace because that's not a weapon you actually own (so that means that it will be the same mace through out the whole game). And with "Lacerate" tank spell i'd rather have a shield on my character's back then it to disappear :smile:. The rest of the abilities looks pretty good already and go with eachother pretty fluidly it seems, so great work on that front!

    2. Will it be possible to shown your weaponry on your characters back rather then it to disappear completely while out of combat? This can maybe go as an option in Settings menu?

    Those are not the most important questions but they are all about little immersion and visual progression of the game.

    Keep up the great work!
  • MaezrielMaezriel Member
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    How will the current issues regarding Epic and Apple effect the game?

    I know ios was never intended to be part of the initial release, but w/ the prevalence of Macs in the artist world as well the possibility of permanently losing access to an entire market share is there any plans to move to a different engine, such as Unity?
  • Will players that follow a religion that leans towards the more ‘darker or lighter path’, receive augments on their character’s abilities that correspond towards the path that they have chosen? An example would be a mage with darker, more sinister flame abilities
  • OpuxOpux Member
    The referral program states that you will receive 15% of your referral's purchases as Interpid bucks, and then says that in some countries you can redeem this for vague "cash rewards". What exactly are those rewards, and are there any limits on those rewards? Many people have interpreted this as 1:1 conversion from Intrepid bucks to USD, but I cannot find a source for this assumption.
  • AltodorAltodor Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
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    How are you gonna make the animal husbandry codex different for every player
  • How will rested exp work if any at all? Will there be items that enhance exp gain? I know this game is bordering on the hardcore but casual gamers do benefit from it even if its a small percentage gain.
  • NyxxaNyxxa Member
    Does gear held in bags (Not Equip) lose durability when you die?
  • NostraNostra Member
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    Can you provide more info on the Mentoring Program - how will high-level players be able to help or interact with their lower-level friends during a joint play-session?
  • XenantayaXenantaya Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will Ashes have Classic WoW-style raids, that is, 40 man raids consisting of 8-10 progressively more difficult bosses, with trash before each boss?
  • What gear can a corrupted drop when they get killed. Only what they have equipped or what they have in inventory as well?
  • Will becoming mayor in a node be more difficult for regular players than it will be for streamers with A large following? if so how can we combat that?
  • JaimesJaimes Member
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    Hi Steven please sleep more :tired_face: my questions are the following:

    1. Will necromancers be able to summon death knights or get skins for a death knight?
    2. I know u can only have 3 summons at once but does that mean when u summon skeletons/zombies etc there could still be multiple of them under 1 summon like a max of 3 mini armies or is it just the one monster for each summon?
    3. Will necromancers be able to raise beings they kill from the dead and use them as an ally whilst they are summoned?


  • VyceVyce Member
    With the teams view on add-ons how customizable will the U.I. be?
  • sl3yzsl3yz Member
    Hello, hope you are all doing good!

    Now to my Question:

    My Friends and i are more on the casual side of things and i was wondering if there will be a Main Questline and Side Quests we will be following and how they will look like in this playermade world.
    Im just asking this because you announced that the game is more "sandboxy" than your average MMO and i feel like it could be kinda difficult to set such a straight path in such an organic world.

  • Can a player be both a mayor and a monarch at the same time?
  • NorlynNorlyn Member
    Will (some of the) cleric secondary archetypes be viable healers? If not, and only cleric primary classes will be reliable, wouldn't it lead to a lack of healer characters in game?
  • darthadendarthaden Member, Braver of Worlds
    I've heard Steven say not everything planned for the game will be in at launch.

    My question is what systems the team feel can wait for post launch patches, what systems would the team like to have in but could be delayed if they're not working properly, and what systems does the team consider absolutely vital to be ironed out before launch.
  • Are Artisan crafts and their progression affected in any way by Race, Religion, Class or Archetype?
  • I'm interested in actually hearing more about how the stock exchange would work in the game.
  • mrwafflesmrwaffles Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester

    Are Racial Augments active on every skill like Schools or only on specific skills?

  • As a community leader and streamer who plans to run my stream community around Ashes, I've been asked almost every time I mention the game, "How do you think character movement and combat feels?".

    We basically want to know how responsive and smooth it feels just to move and use abilities. Could you compare it to another popular game? Nothing to do with the actual style of movement or abilities, just how it feels. I hope I am explaining it well haha.

    Thanks a lot for being so active and responsive with the community!!
  • LfmrLfmr Member
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    What sort of roleplay features can we expect in the game without the add-ons? Will we have a journal that other players can see where we can write character descriptions / bios? Will we get say, yell or emote channels?
  • In Steven's interview with Asmongold a few weeks ago (nice legwork jumping in those streams btw) He mentioned that flight paths would be in the game. Was he referring to the Science metro Airship, or another system, like a node to node flight taxi system.
  • With the ability to wear cosmetics, have any class use any armor and weapon, a total of 64 classes, and health values being hidden - what sort of indicators will there be for players to identify enemy threats in PvP, and are there any concerns that the learning curve for new players might be too steep under those circumstances in terms of understanding who their opponent is and what is happening to them in combat?
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