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  • Will you be able to try the class beforehand like in bdo where you are set to a high level and you can try your abilities and how it feels the class?The time to get max level and not get satisfied by your class gets me worried.
  • What are the plans for russian players and localization with for them?
  • Gonna be interesting Livestream <3 I have some questions written to rtf file. Gotta clean them a bit soon before adding here. Way too excited for Ashes of Creation & happy to support. Pst: Hope there will be fishing that's made with nice mechanics & AOC not to include Simplified Transportation a.k.a traveling.
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  • rollerolle Member
    Hello AOC-Team,

    I'm interested in playing a rouge-primary class. My question is: will there be poisons that can be applied to weapons? Or will tehre be poisons in general? Maybe in the alchemy profession?

    Could you tell us more about the rouge- primary class in general?

    Will tehre be Lootchests in the open world? Will there be a Lockpicking skill?
  • Are there any plans on introducing what I would call "sub-warfare"? Basically, the node sieges are the main way of doing warfare between nodes, but are their specific ways that the different nodes can fight eachother outiside of sieges?

    For example, a military node spawning raiding parties to attack another node, the people of an economic node spending money to rent/buy out the buildings/infrastructure of other nodes, or even a divine node converting the NPCs of other nodes to their faith in order to stop them from providing their services to the locals.
  • When will Alpha be release? :)
  • FoogleFoogle Member
    My question is regarding the summoning in this game, partially the summons of the summon archetype but also the summons such as mounts and non-combat pets :smile: My question is will we be able to set names for all our different summons? I really like the ability to do so.
  • AwaceAwace Member, Braver of Worlds
    What does intrepid think about a party duel system alongside the regular 1v1's?

    Party leaders of the same group size could request eachother to start a duel.
    This would be a great feature for inhouse tournaments within guilds or to practice for arena gameplay.
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  • SunboySunboy Member
    Intrepid has stated that they will be testing a Flat and Round world from both scope creep and a balancing standpoints. Can you tell us more about this?
  • loghanloghan Member
    Will player run Guilds, Freehold vendors, Families, and each individual player have a non-corruption causing in-game Kill on Sight list? Where the guild leader or Family Leader can add the name of any other player (even if they are in a friendly node) and by being on this approved Kill on Sight list a player does not receive corruption for killing them? To balance the mechanic the list would have a max of 30 names and names could only be swapped once a month.
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  • TwoupyTwoupy Member
    I have many questions but I will ask just one.

    I've seen a section for Racial Augments on the wiki, can you give an example of a Racial Augment?
  • Will there be any spells or weapons that will cost health to use?
    Will there be any demons we can summon as a summoner? if so what class would?
  • Could we have a bit more clarity on castle seiges? Will they be open world for anyone to show up and take part in like lineage2 and only the ones signed up can scribe? Or will this be an instance solely between attackers and defenders? Keep hearing 250vs250 but was unsure if that was from a systems and performance stand point or if it's going to be closed and instanced like a battle ground.
    I liked the l2 system being open world because it promoted player politics. Guilds that weren't signed up to attack or defend could still come to help guilds they were friendly with.
  • NixalNixal Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will we get details how combat stats work? Like what is the effect of 1 point of int or armor or will that be a blackbox?
  • How will the grouping experience be for people in different levels. Let's say I am a casual player that only reached lvl 30. My friends are higher lvl then me but we all want to play together. First will it be possible? Will I as a lvl 30 be able to contribute anything to the group and will I gain any significant experience?

    I ask since the older generation of mmo was very harsh in this setup while new games support it
  • TeamVASHTeamVASH Member
    edited August 25
    Some of our viewers used our referral code when they bought the game. Some of our other viewers didn't realize we had a code when they bought the game. Will they be able to use our code in the future? Also will we be able to earn ongoing revenue from people wanting to support the content creator the way we do with Epic Games' creator code? E.g Using the referral code to purchase embers on an ongoing basis and subscriptions to the game.
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  • Hi guys! Hope you are all safe and sound and having fun as you can :)
    I didn't have any "burning" questions so feel free to select one and answer that or if they are too easy and you could respond to all, the better.
    1- Will there be any process/system to upgrade the best tier of gear you get? Let's say, you get a set from a Raid, and then a patch/expansion to the game comes. There will be new gear and levels and so on. Will there be any system to upgrade the last set so you feel your progression and not make it worthless over time?
    2- Will there be any system for report/banning besides automated systems? I think some sort of tribunal system, made of good outstanding peope in the community could be an interesting idea. And if not, is there a system in plan to prevent false bans or give players better support whenever any of this happens?
    Thanks all, take care! Remember to wash your hands, your face, your elbows, your babies!
  • Requiem1Requiem1 Member
    edited August 22
    How is a Freehold Tavern owner supposed to deal with a griefer alt character who is standing in their tavern all day shouting and spamming text? We're told Tavern owners do not have in game mechanics to ban a player. We're told players cannot be killed by other players in a Freehold.

    Further context for the question above if needed:
    Just to add more context, imagine a player is very mad at you for destroying their node. So they find your Freehold Tavern, and on their alt character, they park them in your tavern all day long, with their mic turned on so the voice chat in your tavern is ruined by his non stop playing of the barny song (yes a person can mute an individual, but he's scaring off business because each new person that walks in hears it and would have to mute him) Also this griefer spams repeatedly in text that the tavern is horrible, the owner is a horrible, a 100 times a minute. And the top it off he runs around emote dry humping every customer. This is bad for business and he knows he's making your nice little tavern a less pleasant place. Meanwhile it's little effort for him because he's also playing his main character on his other screen. But there's no ban feature we've been told so you can't prevent him from stepping foot on your freehold sadly. And we're told there is no PvP within a freehold so normally the Ashe's answer for a griefer is "just kill him" but I can't even do that in this instance. Ulimately I think freeholds just need to be allowed to have a Kill on Sight list, which would allow the Freehold owner and any assigned friends of the freehold owner the ability to kill him without corruption. And also to block him from interacting with the vendors.
  • Will large streamers/content creators have an easier time becoming mayors of nodes? If so, what is your stance on this?
  • For healers, does the secondary archetype choice change how one would heal? Say I go cleric/mage, will my aoe healing before affective vs say a cleric/rogue who might be more of a burst healer. Or will they only affect my utility skills and dps?
  • Can you go on detail on classes ? Is the warden class like a Druid? What class will be similar to this ?
  • Will you be able to sell and or trade cosmetics or anything else that you can buy with real money in the game for in-game currency?
  • When a caravan is successfully destroyed how are looting rights handled (are the flagged attackers the only ones with rights to the loot) and can the loot be immediately dropped upon death of an attacker after acquiring it?
  • MinkkuMinkku Member
    Can a mount go into water?
  • I understand that when players attack a caravan, they get certs as the reward that they turn in at the place in which the caravan originated. That makes sense for raw materials, but what about finished goods? Are caravans intended to transport goods aside from raw materials, and if so, what will the reward be for attacking one and the penalty be for losing one?
  • Will we have stat tracking? Will we have K/D/A tracking? Will we have win ratio tracking in sieges, arenas, and PVP modes? I think we should and be per character, PRIVATE, and able to reset stats every so often via a quest. This is extremely important especially since we will not be able to track stats with add-ons due to them not being allowed.
  • What bonus do you get from choosing the same secondary as your primary class?
  • Will there be Oceanic servers for players like myself that are in Australia , I am north of Brisbane , thankyou 😊
  • RokoRoko Member, Braver of Worlds
    Is there a cap for corruption? Like a ceiling you can't get more corrupt than that.
  • azurlazurl Member, Braver of Worlds
    Now that is out of the picture and you're self publishing in EU. will it be possible to play on both EU and NA with the same account? like in other games where you just swap between regions under the same subscription?
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