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  • j017j017 Member
    Any word on if more early access will be sold before launch? (aka access 2 days before the final release)
  • SkbSkb Member
    how or what will decide what music is played when entering a town?
  • ShazeShaze Member, Phoenix Initiative, Explorer
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    What is Steven's favourite Ice Cream flavour?
  • I' m always drawn to warlocks in MMO's could you maybe explain how the warlock is going to work in AoC?
  • Do you have a road map that you can communicate for the upcoming testing phases, alphas and betas ?
  • Curious as i am on the siege battles, have you thought about putting in the possibility for different archetypes to have quests connected to the raid of the city? Such as a rogue for example going in and stealing ”battleplans” and at a success give some sort of buff or perk for the attackers, so that the preparation for attackers isnt strickly just building a metric shittonne of siege machinery and blasting off.
  • I've been thinking a lot about crafting systems in MMOs recently; and it seems more often than not, that the crafted item ends up worth less than the materials used to craft it.

    Has the dev team thought about this at all? If so, what ideas are floating around that might allow for the crafter to make something worth more than the sum of its parts?
  • What is the intended role of summoner pets in PVP? Are they just an annoying target that gets ignored since the summoner themselves is the main target, or will there be a real benefit in actually fighting the pet itself?
  • KaelangKaelang Member
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    1 - Now that IS has decided to launch in EU / CIS - are players who were waiting for the packs to come back on sale from MY.GAMES able to have the opportunity to purchase older packs that weren't updated on their website? (For example May / June / July packs).

    2 - Do you think there may be a delay in the release for EU considering this new movement? Or are you able to do this simultaneously whilst developing AoC?

    3 - When do you think packs will become purchasable for EU?
  • Will there be meanginful buffs and debuffs? I found alot of mmos make buffs and debuffs (ie: curses, diseases) either inconsequential or just a boring standard.

    Something like the priests of paladins in WoW that have decent durations and give good boosts that lasts for longer than just a few minutes.

    Or debuffs that actually has impactful consequences such as curses or diseases that you can just ignore for pretty much its duration and durations only just being a minute or two. Where such things would and should be much more impactful when afflicted, and makes avoiding being afflicted or having the monster not have its cast interrupt more impactful than just taking some damage. to make these more interesting and to get those buffer classes more appealing to play, and actually have people seek them out. (and dont mean just strictly healer classes)
  • SentSent Member
    Can I keep an house cat (in my freehold) ?
  • NeflarionNeflarion Member
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    How do you all intend to approach class balance in terms of dps? Are you going to take the World of Warcraft approach, where they try (and fail) to balance all the classes to be relatively even, or are you to going to go the Final Fantasy 14 route where classes are balanced based on how much party support they bring, and the more they bring the less overall dps they do themselves?
  • Will giant siege mounts going to different depending on the node location aka giant ice phoenix for icy mountains nodes , big mythical whale for costal nodes...etc ?

    Also will there be bug themed armors ?
  • BaSkA13BaSkA13 Member
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    Question: Is there any possibility for regional pricing to not be tied to regional servers? I would like to play with my friends from NA while being able to afford it.

    I'm thankful for the existence of regional pricing, but also sad I might not be able to afford to play with the people I always play with.
  • With the corruption system a non-combatant does not become combatant when they attack a corrupted player per your chart, that means a corrupted player can't even fight back to defend themselves as they would become more corrupted if they kill that person. I understand corruption is meant to be punishing but to make it so you can't even defend your self or you risk more corruption, is that the intention of the system?
  • In terms of lore. How fleshed out will the lore be and how much of that will be visible and in some way attainable in game as opposed to outside sources?

    I am not opposed to having outside short stories and wiki articles but having lore provided in game is an important part on making a world feel lived in(even if the races are newly returned except tulnar).

    As an adage to that what do you plan as the primary methods of delivering that lore if it is in game?
  • BeyondBeyond Member

    I do not normally ask question but there is something on my mind for a while, in the past i have put the question and from a big hype that was shown from the trailer was starting to calm down.

    The assassin / rougue / ranger , was showing climbing a tower , will there be any parcour movements and are we able to climb all of the buildings / trees?

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  • Next Jahlon Interview, when?
  • Will the zone of influence or territory of Metropolises be predetermined? Or will we be able to see some really interesting and varying shapes of their borders?

    When a metropolis is destroyed, how quickly is the next top dog determined? Does a town have a realistic chance of becoming a metropolis, or are the contenders for an advancement always selected from one of the vassals of the rank below? Could the defeated metropolis downgrade and then advance again to a metropolis back to back?
  • This question is specifically about the Cleric class. Obviously Clerics are the main healers, but I was wondering if we will have the option of focusing on Clerics DPS ability, kinda like Shadow Priests in WoW. If so, will Cleric secondaries be able to pull from this damage side of the class, instead of the more support side?
  • DrekDrek Member
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    Fast travel being heavily restricted is awesome BUT what are the plans to prevent family fast travel of being abused ?

    It seems to me that so far, getting access to any form of fast travel will be the goal and priority for any competitive guild for PvP reasons or PvE f.ex getting to rare spawns, to even crafters for ease of providing their services across a larger area at a much faster rate.

    Thus setting up multiple accounts with characters "parked" in each corner of the world (especially with no box cost making it even more accessible) will then quickly become the norm.

    I hope for family fast travel to get completely scrapped and if need be to get replaced by some other type of bonus maybe akin to a temporary out of combat walking speed buff.

    Until then i'm anxiously waiting to hear that you guys have a plan to prevent abuse of the system as it currently stands.
  • Hi. Slayer here. First-time asker, long time fan. My question is in 2 parts about the Social Aspects of the game. 1) What will be the standard Party size and the Raid party size?
    2) There has been much talk of having to be social to accomplish things like taking a node over or creating trade caravans. Will there be any in-game systems to create alliances of parties or Guilds that are perhaps working towards one goal. An example of such a system would be from the Valofe MMO Atlantica Online and their Nation system.
  • EtalimEtalim Member, Braver of Worlds

    In addition to the opportunities for altering your character's appearance through cosmetics, will we also be able to apply "personality skins"? E.g. Change the way your character walks, runs, posture etc.

  • SorfSorf Member
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    One of the things new online games suffer with is server stability especially at release, such as Fall Guys recently rewarded players with in-game loot due to not being able to log in an play. I've had this with other MMO games, where zones were unable to be played in or queues were many many hours long.

    I know this is early in development still but has/will any consideration been taken for this? As the game could be great but I worry that hype can lead to a rough start, especially with how popular influence from streamers and youtubers can be.

    Looking forward to the game, keep up the great work in these difficult times and hopefully see you soon(-ish).
  • botbot Member
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    1. What is the general game design philosophy regarding how rewarding PvP will be relative to other aspects of the game purely from a gold/gear perspective? I've read that the arena rewards will mainly be cosmetic in nature for example. Will these cosmetics be character-locked or will this be a possible form of revenue for arena PvPers?
    2. Are there any details regarding what defenders of caravans will receive as a reward or if a player that uses a caravan successfully protects their goods if there's any type of bonus applied for having a contested caravan beyond the materials being transported?
  • VunakVunak Member
    As a huge fan of Action Combat in MMOs how close to Apoc style combat can we expect in the MMO proper when action combat is fully implemented? I was a massive TERA player, loved the combat - hated everything else. Hoping to get that same thrill out of combat in Ashes - more so in Ashes because its an actual MMO with substance.
  • unknownwonunknownwon Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
    Corrupted players lose a large amount of corruption on death with a chance to drop items depending on corruption level. What would prevent someone from having their friends or guildies kill them to reduce their corruption and giving them their gear back if any of their gear drops?

    Guild vs Guild:
    How many players could 30 people in a guild that's focused in all passive combat skills be able to fight on equal terms? i.e. how strong will the passive buffs that guilds can spec into be?

    Mayorship and Castle Ownership:
    What would happen if a mayor of a metropolis is also the Guild Master of a guild that owns a castle? Would they get 2 flying mounts?

    Is there any advantage to sailing a ship up or down a river rather than riding on a mount? i.e. are ships faster than mounts, or able to carry more than a caravan?

    Will you be able to re-allocate points within artisan skill trees? If so, what will the cost/difficulty be? Many people in other games choose a gathering profession when leveling, then wipe all of their skill and put it into some else later.
  • sunfrogsunfrog Member, Pioneer
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    If a node levels up to 4 and that creates new land for housing and I buy one, what happens when the node loses a siege? If it devolves back to level 3 does my land cease to exist and make my blueprint worthless until the node levels up to 4 again or does my blueprint cease to exist? If the node doesn't devolve but just goes into debt then all nodes can only grow until they can't. If the node is completely destroyed is my blueprint destroyed too?

  • Hello, I was wondering if we knew if the world would be flat and unconnected from east to west, or if the world would be round and one could go travel around it? Thank you so much!
  • How is hitbox gonna work with different races? I think this is especially important for action combat to prevent people just going to be dwarves for min/maxing pvp
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