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  • Are the classes going to have like specific icons? Like Tank/Tank getting like a shield icon, and Tank/Fight having like some sort of helmet? >.> kind of like what ffxiv does for their classes? Would totally buy a pin/medal of classes I would play.

    Also would totally buy a hat...or two. >.> gib hat.
  • Can u tell us more of the processing artisan tree options? Basically we only know of 2, can we be told the others or some of them.
  • rocdogrocdog Member
    There will be a lot of new systems in the game, and a lot of information for players to absorb and activities for players to get involved in.

    Have you considered or are you considering launching the game without certain systems like social organizations or religions in order to focus on allowing players to get into the game sooner, and adding complexity as time goes on, or do you feel that these elements all need to be present at launch?

    If all of the systems already discussed need to be present at launch, what types of expansion content will there be?

    NB: I would prefer that the game launched earlier rather than later, even at the cost of having to wait to have every possible augment and activity available.
  • AeriusAerius Member
    Firstly, thank you Steven and team for taking on this massive job of bringing us the MMO we've all been waiting for, for so long.

    I'm curious how you will make it viable to play with Tank or Priest as your main archetype? With players not being able to swap between roles, it seems tanks and most significantly healers would have some trouble playing solo or in a DPS function out in the world, making them reliant on having a group. Are there any plans to allow role swapping or "spec" swapping to a secondary class?

    Thank you.
  • YorkiYorki Member
    Hello there. I have one question about leveling in AOC. From what I heard and seen, it seems 50 will be max, but will you be able to progress like in BDO (that you can still level after 50, but you need lots of exp for levels above 50). I really like that idea BDO has with softcap. Please tell me if you considered this and if it will be in game at some point. Thanks for reading and hope to hear soon from you
  • Hi! I was wondering if you guys have all the music you need, and if it will be a custom score?
    I have found that a game loses its emotional impact when the devs choose stock music over custom-tailored, and I would love to help out if you haven't found anyone yet. Cheers! :)
  • myrcmyrc Member
    Hi Steven! Big fan of you, Ashes, and the way you choose to run such a transparent development progress.

    I have two question, both regarding Gear Repair:

    1) With gear requiring such significant repair upkeep and having the possibility of breaking, does that mean we could feasibly see extremely rare/legendary items lost forever?

    2) What is your vision for time investment required to farm/process materials needed for gear repairs and upkeep of rares/legendaries.

    I’m enthused by the idea of real risk existing in the game, but worried about the line we walk a la turning gear repair upkeep into a grindy chore when all we want to do is explore with friends or PvP for a few hours. And failing to maintain that chore meaning we lose extremely rare items we spent weeks/months working on.
  • There will be a map border or if you go straight right of the map by the time you will be at the left like it's a sphere? Thank you for your job!
  • DruleyDruley Member
    Will summoner have the ability to tame wild pets to use in combat or will they be preset pets?
  • LukianLukian Member
    Could we get a little more information about the sound effects and music for Ashes of Creation?
  • ZimzammZimzamm Member
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    Hi, I can’t wait for the game!

    Stylized graphics seem to keep video games feeling much younger for much longer than “realistic” graphics. They can also be a huge pull for new players. Are there any concerns/plans for keeping the game feeling & looking “modern” even 10-15 years down the road? Thanks!

    Greetings from Canada :)
  • Hello Intrepid Team, thank you for taking the time to put this QA together. You've mentioned transparency being a double edged sword, and fact that you still take the time to do these is greatly appreciated.

    During one of your previous live streams, you mentioned possibly having character creation go live before the servers do. I do not want to rush character creation, but I will do so for the sake of getting to world and game play as quickly as possible. Does this still seem like something that would be achievable or is it hopeful thinking?

    I am a big fan of pole arms as a weapon type and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to include them. :smile:
  • How does one voluntarily leave a freehold to go and purchase one in another area of the world?
    I think players should be able to sell their Freeholds, at least just the base plot. The seller would get a Blueprint for their layout similar to how they get one when a Freehold is destroyed and they would have a window (24hrs?) after the sale to caravan any goods in Storage containers. (Perhaps the caravan for this would spawn with the goods in the node center where the Freehold was purchased to avoid a buyer from assaulting the caravan too easily.
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  • Hello, hope you're all having a nice day!

    A lot of MMO's, and seemingly also yours, sell the fantasy of being able to dedicate yourself to filling non-combat roles through crafting, gathering and trading. However, most of the fans sold on this fantasy often find themselves disappointed when the games fail to deliver in two essential ways:

    1. It's hard or impossible to successfully conduct those activities without also actively and regularly engaging in combat content.
    2. The gameplay connected to crafting/gathering/trading is not complex and/or challenging enough to offer an engaging long-term experience on its own.

    So, my question is: Are you designing the game to avoid one or both of these two issues, and if so, can you offer some insight into the design philosophies you have in this regard?
  • KZ105KZ105 Member
    When a character dies, where would it respawn? Would it be the closest node, or the most recent city visited, or something else?
  • beapobeapo Member
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    How are quests going to be like in AoC? Will it simply be: Accept quest from NPC and complete quest at NPC or will there also be quests that will automatically trigger when you step food in a certain area?
    For example: A horde of monsters are traveling in a certain area and if you get close enough you automatically get a quest to kill them all or for harvesting: Berries are rotting away, collect them all before they are gone.
  • Last stream we saw the volumetric fog in combat. Will the world also include some areas with this volumetric fog or will there be maybe some weather effects with the volumetric fog?
  • How far are you guys going with party systems? Are you going to allow party members to deposit goods into a party members mule directly if setup that way? If not, are there any unique interactions like that (planned)?
  • WarthWarth Member
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    How will you ensure that explorative professions like Breeding won't be completely explored during the Alphas/Betas?

    Without countermeasures, these professions will be fully explored and all the information available on Wiki/Spreadsheets. At this point, the professions might as well just have open book recipes, since all the information is available on the internet upon launch anyway
  • CrainCrain Member
    How will a characters size affect their hitbox in a PvP scenario against someone whose using action combat abilities? Will dwarves just have a advantage in PvP?
  • DreohDreoh Member
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    How is Tab-target skills vs. Action combat skills going to work in practice? Is combat going to be swapping back and forth between MMO-camera and Action-camera (reticle-based) as you need to use skills that require either mode?

    Extra info to explain my question if needed -
    After watching Apocalypse footage compared to the tab-target combat of the current AoC gameplay footage and the information currently available to us, it seems like we're going to have to be swapping in and out of Action-camera (reticle) mode as we need to fire off reticle-based abilities like bow skills or skillshot projectile spells before swapping back to MMO-camera to do regular tab-target combat. This seems like it might be jarring as having to change camera mode mid-combat is not ideal.
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  • Exiled KingExiled King Member
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    2 part question:

    1) Will high level tamed animals be sellable to other players?
    2) How will tamed animals work in fighting?

  • XenelliaXenellia Moderator, Member
    In an older interview, Steven mentioned that we would be able to get Adventurer XP from PvP content. Would this include killing other players in open world, or is that simply for PvP events like caravans/sieges etc?

    If we get XP from PvP kills in open world, would this XP work to decrease corruption on red players?

    Thank you!
  • DurdelDurdel Member
    Many of us have played MMOs for a long time. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. The concept you are promoting is taking the best of previous games and incorporating this into your game. The issue at hand for me and many others I have known over the years is the tyranny of large groups such as will be represented in your nodes and guilds. These groups will have effective control over resources and content; who you will and will not be targeted by; and by not following the edicts of a few will greatly diminish the individual game for many.

    Many quit a game because of these politics. You have many mechanisms for the social game but no mitigation of the negative consequences of those mechanisms. What is available to the solo player who just wants to log in, take down some content and get the rewards, and do so without the politics impacting THEIR game?
  • You talked about crafting being on par with raid gear. However; if the materials to create this crafted gear drops from raid encounters, that's not crafted gear. That's raid gear with extra steps. How are you going to provide crafted gear that doesn't have materials and recipes locked behind raid content and are these materials and recipes going to be tradeable?
  • Will there be any kind of camp making (camping)? I always envisioned putting up a tent and using a fireplace when out in the wild.

    In city life it could turn into slums. What are your thoughts regarding this?
  • Will the players be punished in any other way (i.e through a ban or whatnot) for griefing, other than through the in-game corruption system?
  • IzexIzex Member, Braver of Worlds
    How much of the game will be playable in Alpha One?
  • ZuggugZuggug Member
    I have a question about action combat:

    Will the abilities in action combat be operated through hotkeys, or will they be used in a combo system (e.g. Shift+ Right Mouse, Shift + Left Mouse, Q, Shift+Q, etc...) and if so will the option to be used a hotkey still be available, or will some attacks be strictly limited to the key combos.
  • KabanKaban Member
    Hello Intreprid,
    I have a question of "aggro" nature. How will aggro work when engaged in combat with NPC, is the chase distance limited by certain radius or is it going to be relentless like good ol' Lineage 2 or maybe a combination of both where striking chasing monsters or casting taunt against them resets the return timer and lets you lure the mobs further. And another one, will Polearms let you strike multiple targets, as former L2's Warlord player these questions are of utmost importance ; D
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