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  • First I still have no idea on the inner workings in regards to the guild system so these are just my thoughts:

    1. Will you consider adding a feature where members can contribute their loot in exchange for points which can be used for exchanging items/materials/higher tier equips in the guild vault(which were contributed by another member/s of the guild and the point was allocated by a designated player ). The guild could also benefit from this by taking items and use them for increasing the guild fund by selling it on the market or for their own consumption.

    2. Also if I created an Assassination guild to kill high level/renowned players and theyreported for harassment will you get mad and punish us? Especially before /during a siege.
  • AouineAouine Member
    Hello from South America.
    Do you have any plans on launching fresh servers after a certain amount of time? like yearly or every 2 years?
    Wish you all the best to you and the team. :)
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member
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    Hello team. Question regarding the runes that you can slot in gear, from interview with Tim the Tat Man.

    In the interview some runes were mentioned, that can be slotted/unslotted in gear, that can increase the gears effectiveness for PvE or PvP.

    Doesn't this go against the concept of PvX? If I slot in my gear some PvE runes, and some gangers jump on me while they are using their PvP runes, I am at a disadvantage.

    Isn't this the reasons you decided against separate PvE and PvP gear? Wouldn't it be better if those runes excluded any PvE/PvP modifiers, but rather focused on effects like, faster MP regen, or a bit extra CC resistance or a bit better crit rate?
  • Will naval combat be affected by weather/seasonal winds ect with actual wave/water physics and how are you so confident and modest about putting such an ambitious idea in the game?
  • ReglonReglon Member
    Do you foresee player collision being an issue in 40 man raids or 250v250 player battles?
  • SorcresSorcres Member
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    When can we expect another video about Nodes? "Nodes 3" and "Nodes 4."
  • If a player is on the left side of the map, will he be able to notice whats happening on the other side of the Map? For example, a metropolis rises or some world shaking events trigger on that side.
  • Greetings!

    The artisan classes are divided into skill trees, with three parent paths (gathering, processing, crafting) and those paths each having a multitude of professions. My understanding is that after mastering one artisan profession, you can master a second (though not easily) in the same parent path. Progressing in other parent paths is limited and can never achieve master rank.

    Q1: Will AoC have a tiered mastery system such as GW2's*

    Q2 and Q3 will assume a "yes" to Q1.

    Q2: How many tiers does the mastery system have?

    Q3: At what tier does the cap lie for professions in different parent paths? Are we able to go beyond "dabbling at beginners' level"?

    Q4: Do professions that are close together in nature (such as taming and animal husbandry, or herbalism and alchemy) benefit an exception to the inflexible parent path "lock"?

    I would rather have a character only master taming and animal husbandry, or herbalism and alchemy, than be forced to level** blacksmithing, carpentry, etc. in order to master alchemy.

    Thank you for considering the questions! I truly appreciate the Q&As, interviews, and transparant development!


    *GW2's crafting progression:
    Novice - Initiate - Apprentice - Journeyman - Adept - Master - Grandmaster

    **References to the following quote from the Wiki:
    "A player may only master a profession if they have achieved the artisan path mastery."
  • Two questions: 1. Will you be able to heal monsters like in Lineage 2? I know it was mostly used for griefing, but it was soo fun.

    2. Can Minstrels level on their own? Or will buffers/minstrels have to be your second account shadow to get to max? In Lineage 2 buffers were sooo hard to level up, with the exception of maybe BD. You had to create a new account to have them follow your main and soak exp. Which was fun, but with the monthly cost I am not so sure.
  • Добрый день! Расскажите что именно послужило причиной расторжение договора с И как будет реализовано сотрудничество intrepid с игроками России и русская локализация? / Good afternoon! Tell us what exactly caused the termination of the contract with my. games? And how will intrepid's collaboration with Russian players and Russian localization be implemented?
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    I have a question relating to stats such as Strength, Agility, Constitution etc., will we have the ability to customise these as we level? Will it just be that certain raises have set higher bonuses in different stats that we can't change?
  • One of the Artisan Professions that stands out to me flavourwise is the Scribe. When I look at wikis and talk to others on the internet, most people seem to list the ability to note down history for the servers, writing about historic events. A link is also often made with Scientific Nodes and Libraries.

    This seems incredibly cool, because to me it implies a player written history by players on all sides of conflict and guild wars. I have trouble however, finding much about what a scribe actually does in-game, what sort of uses crafted items will have when it comes to raids, sieges, and exploration, if any.

    Are there current further ideas of what scribes will do that you could elaborate on?
  • Liniker wrote: »
    When a corrupted player gets killed - can they drop gear from their inventory - or only what they have equipped?

    Yes and Yes.
  • Will the skin of a player's mount affect their hitbox in PVP?

  • Kaelang wrote: »
    Who will handle the support for Europe, or IS? lol

    With the number of mount cosmetics, how will their hitbox's differ, could this be seen as P2W with larger mounts / smaller mounts being hit differently?

    How many tiers of aquatic mount are planned?

    Cosmetic products will not affect the person's performance, as previously reported.
  • Will the size of my character effect the size of my hitbox?
  • DaveNDaveN Member
    Hey there Intrepid!

    What do you guys think about the button assignment system for skills in BDO?
    You could either place them traditionally in the hotbar, or trigger them by using combinations of W/A/S/D/LMB/RMB/Q/E/R/F/C/Shift/Ctrl.
    This allowed for higher combat fluidity and integrated directional skills seamlessly.
    It also allowed for the same key to trigger different skills, as part of a different combinations - something that can't be achieved by simply assigning single keystrokes.

    It set a new bar for action combat in my eyes, increasing the skillcap even further, without affecting more casual players, since the hotbar remained as a way to trigger skills. I would love to see a similar system in AOC. o:)
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    If there are overlapping ZOIs (from parent and vassal nodes), how is it decided to which node a freehold is associated with if one decides to place it in one such overlapping ZOIs? If it is always the lowest node, this would mean, that the space to build freeholds in does not really increase with node size (if you think this through to the end) since the increased ZOI area of a node will effectively get covered by the ZOIs of its vassal nodes.
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    You would think gaming terminology was universal. It's not. There has been so much confusion in terminology people are confused with aspects of AoC, especially since AoC is trying to incorporate "new" aspects (nodes, archclasses,etc) to the gaming community.

    Let's take the "Corruption" discussions, as an example.
    People are equating corruption as PvP. We know this is not true. Corruption is a punishment for those who want to PvP outside the PvP perameters, and just murder other players. Pretty simple. Instead, we get explanations revolving around the topic, and not addressing the real issue, the confusion of terminology.

    I don't want to rant. There are a few other issues I'd like to see addressed on this topic, but I believe I made my point. I believe this is important when you're releasing a new game with new game mechanics.

    Keep up the good work. And stay on Target.

    Edit: Please explain (to the community) the difference between Death Penalty and Death Debt.

    Edit: added, plz. 😁
  • Here is my one question.

    Do you know when people will understand that they are only supposed to ask one question?
  • hakihaki Member, Settler
    Are you planning to add DOT skills for warlock?
  • What are the pro's for having seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) for 1 week each compared to 1 month long seasons? I feel like there would be a bigger meaning to each season if it lasted longer because you would also need to wait longer until you can experience it again.
  • Will there be CC breaks in-game? Such as a WoW trinket, or innate abilities for characters?
  • WonderboyWonderboy Member, Braver of Worlds
    Mailing of resources between characters is not allowed, however if I have two characters on the same account (alts) am I able to use my freehold's storage to safely transfer resources between them?
  • XylsXyls Member
    In regards to PvP: How long will the 'Combatant' flag last on a player after a mutual pvp encounter and will corruption be gained group wide or just the player who got the killing blow?
    We are recruiting PvPers!
  • The player-driven economy is important in MMOs how will the economy be and how are you planning to protect it from inflation but also keep it accessible for casual players?
    I am already planning to make a merchants guild-type faction. Will that even be possible?
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    Will archwizard/pure mage be able to dual wield a spell book [offhand] and a wand [primary] seeing as they are one handed but classed as ranged ? i find this really an important element for rp and fleshing out a full mage.
  • HartwellHartwell Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will there be different tiers of aquatic mounts, such as the tiers that exist with land mounts? Surface, swimming, and royal?
  • Will the size of my character effect the size of my hitbox?

    no, the size-growth of your character is a cosmetic change and it except for the appearance does not affect anything.
  • CapokunCapokun Member
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    MY Question:

    If a player choses Archetype "A" as his primary and Archetype "B" as his secondary, would he have the same skills as someone that choses "B" as his primary and "A" as his secondary?
    (For example :
    Player 1 = Primary rogue & Secondary Fighter VS Player 2 = Primary Fighter & Secondary Rogue)

    Thanks and keep the good work!
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