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  • OgamanOgaman Member
    When's the next interview with Jahlon? The 2019 was super informative.
  • Hello Intrepid! Thank you for all your hard work on this amazing MMORPG. Also a California native here, we are use to some of nature's calamities, like the good ol' Earthquake and these terrible fires. Will AoC have calamities that affect Nodes, Castles and Freeholds? If so, how will these take shape? How will these look? How will the players/clans be able to curtail these potentially damaging events?
  • DicdonyaDicdonya Member
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer questions.

    Is there a way for mounts to be destroyed like armor/weapons, if not what mechanisms will keep animal husbandry useful later in the games life? Feels like after a time, mount creation will be mostly pointless outside of highly specialized or hard to breed mounts, whereas other crafting will be in constant need because items will always need to be replaced or repaired.
  • FrufireFrufire Member
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    What level of maintenance should we expect from our gear's day to day decay?

    Thank you!
    " What do you mean a book I cannot have?"
    - Frufire
  • One of the most interesting parts of Ashes is that the node system encourages differentiation between servers. My concern however is that only having 4 starting locations gives an advantage to nodes that are closest in proximity by virtue of the large player numbers especially at the beginning of a servers creation.

    What would stop the same few nodes closest to the starting zones from consistently becoming metropolises( or at least extremely influential cities) across a significant proportion of servers?
  • Are there any planned anti grief mechanics for players that sign up as paid caravan defenders?

    For example what stops a player from AFKing or not defending whilst still being paid under the defence contract.
  • I understand at this point, all alts have to be citizens of the same Node. Is there any chance this may change? I was hoping to have an alt as a Bounty Hunter, but I don't want my main to be in a military node as it will be a blacksmith and our guild will be a merchant guild wanting either a Scientific or an Economic node. Or will there be another way to accomplish this?
  • Can we get any more information on classes? Such as what classes can use what weapon combos. Like can the Battlemage use 1h sword with magic offhand weapon or does it go even further than that?
  • Regarding to the use of poison :
    Will it be class locked or have any special interactions or limitations?
  • How important will guilds be? Will Guild relations be important? Will guilds be fighting each other over nodes constantly?
  • QuinQuin Member
    What is the current focus of Ashes of Creation?
    In its current state is the development focused on role play, simulations, combat, story or other?

  • How does the character model affect the character hitbox? will dwarves have smaller hitbox?
  • XheloriXhelori Member, Braver of Worlds
    I understand all the reasoning behind not allowing the gifting of cash shop cosmetics, even if they were bind-on-obtain.

    It would still be nice on special occasions to be able to “gift” some things ingame to friends and teammates – a bard tune in a music box, a cornucopia, a wreath, a bouquet – so could these festive/affectionate gift items perhaps be crafted – “bespoke” – and then gifted or sold within a regional market?
  • 11segfault11segfault Member
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    There has been a lot of focus on group & large-scale PvP.

    Is there going to be something like a ranked ladder PvP system where individual players or small teams can make a name for themselves (and potentially earn rewards) as a result of their skill, such as is the case in games like WoW?

    I would love for there to be a small-scale, competitive PvP scene within the game outside of the group battle systems.

    Thank you for taking my question =]
  • mushinmushin Member, Braver of Worlds
    Can the spellbook be used off hand?
  • Please tell us will secondary archetypes be able to perform their role (ie X/Tank or X/Cleric) at all, a little, or not at all ?
  • How many mounts/pets will there be on average and how hard will it be to achieve them?
  • Hello hard working IS Team,
    Class: Bard, will they use only one type of instrument or a variety of instruments? I would like to have a singing Fairy with me.
  • HokageofToadsHokageofToads Member
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    In terms of armor and gear visually, how realistic/serious will the game take itself? Will there be a mix of both practical and non practical looking gear? Will I be able to don shoulder pauldrons bigger than my characters head?
  • Will some classes be more basic attack focused (such as fighter and ranger) with abilities empowering their attacks and others more ability focused - so you rely heavily on casting (Mage, Cleric etc)?
  • VioVio Member
    Hello, I've been trying to find information about Stats, like strength/intelligence/etc, if they will exist in AoC and whether their impact would be major or minor in correlation to skill damage/effect.

    If they are minor or non-existent, does that mean equipment itemization is contingent on a different variable as the main source of "power" an item gives? (Like %skill damage increase, or an entire archetype boost?)

    Thank you for considering my question.
  • INKaddictINKaddict Member
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    Cant wait! Can we get News about Racial Passives?
  • Will summoned pets be limited to a specific number across all summoner classes or Will there be room for choosing to overwhelm your opponent by swarming them with many weak summons instead of fighting with 2-3 stronger ones?
  • Hey guys.
    Would you be able to ride a skeleton dragon you have summoned as a necromancer , or any undead flying mount for that matter? On the same note , when do you guys plan on showcasing some summoner action?Thanks and stay safe.
  • uaouao Member
    Will the game have a class that resembles a hybrid of ranged dot dps and group support?
    I love to be casting stuff constantly on each and everyone!
  • Do you still plan on a characters stats being seeded by their race and then grown by their primary class choice, or will you go for a free distribution system?
  • I heard 2 or 3 times the explanation of how augmentations work on AoC, but it was the Fighter-Mage one. I'm concerned about what can I expect from the rest of the classes and augmentations. Do you happen to have at least a sketch of what we can expect to see? Mostly because I plan on having a Rogue-Tank and I'm worried if I will be able to tank at all and if so, how, or if I will be better off as Tank-Rogue
  • Will there be Guild Banks? Not ones that pool in with an alliance but a one specific to the guild that members can "donate" resources / items / gold etc to?
  • NerrorNerror Member
    Any plans to implement buy orders like in Eve Online?
  • elektr0nikbeeelektr0nikbee Member, Braver of Worlds
    I was wondering if our choices in quests and missions would influence our character's development, for example his reputation, his karma, his allegiance stuff like that?
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