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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – May 22, 2017

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<div>Hey everyone! We’re collecting questions to answer live on air during Monday’s (5/22) Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT. Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick 10 to answer live on-stream. Please only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered.</div>
<div>Thanks for your help!</div>


  • Hello! Firstly and most importantly, will there be pet foxes? :D

    Okay, serious question.
    What sort of differences will there be between races? Should we expect there to be large or small differences between races? In a lot of games, elves are basically just humans with pointy ears with maybe a different back story. 2 examples I can give of games doing something different are Divinity: Original Sin 2 where elves were discriminated against for being cannibals, they could eat elven body parts to gain some of their memories. Another game is Project: Gorgon, elves are nymphomaniacs, they love sex and making sex jokes and are often discriminated against because of this. They are also clean freaks and you take an exp debuff if you are unclean and vice versa.
    <strong>To summarise the question, how or for what reason will prejudice and discrimination exist between races? And will the quirks and culture of a race affect the mechanics and gameplay for that player?</strong>

    Assorted questions!
    1. Will we be able to rename or add flavour text to crafted items, if not then what about rare/legendary crafted items?
    2. Will the rarity of crafted items be based on skill or just recipe? Eg. recipe based would mean a Simple Shirt recipe will always be normal quality and a Fine Shirt will be rare quality whereas skill based would be something like, an apprentice tailor who makes a Simple Shirt will craft a normal Simple Shirt but a Master Tailor has a chance of crafting a Rare Simple Shirt.
    3. How guided will story quests be? Will we have to search through npc chat for clues etc. are will we just follow objectives and directions in a quest list/map?
    4. Will attacking a citizen of an enemy node result in gaining corruption if they are a non-combatant? What if they are within your node's territory (but not a battleground)?

    I will continue to add more...
  • How short can each race be? Half of my role-play characters are of the younger sort, so actually being short means a lot to me in games.

    Google says the average female height in America is 5'4. Since that's the average, can I expect to be even shorter as a human? Like 4'8? I'd be quite excited if the answer was yes.
  • Come on release some more combat footage already? :D
  • Do females have body-physics?
  • Assuming two players of equal skill, do you have an idea for how easily a higher-leveled player should be able to defeat a lower-leveled player, or perhaps not defeat so easily?
  • You’ve mentioned that crafting will use dials to increase diversity of gear and weapons in AoE, My question is will those dials be a point based “you have X amount of points to spend and you choose where to put them using the dials” OR a more in depth system where lowering a dial that affects sword thickness can increase attack speed but decrease damage due to loss in weight?
  • Are there plans for 21:9 support, both in game play and in cutscenes?
  • Hello,

    Will there be telegraphs on the ground for combat?
  • Will the game support 4K resolutions, now that higher resolution screens are becoming cheaper?
  • Will animations in Ashes of Creation have a good amount of flare / dynamic poses / over the top feel for them?

    I personally find those types of animations enjoyable for the fantasy environment. I suppose I find the majority of western mmorpgs to feel lackluster in the animations area and I'm hoping Ashes of Creation can break away from that trend. While most Eastern mmorpgs, like black desert, tera, aion, lineage etc all felt really well animated in whatever sort of cute/cool/dark theme they were going for their time period. Just wondering what you're aiming for in respect to animations.

    One of my biggest fears for the game is that animations will be dull despite how pretty it is.
  • Hey, you briefly mentioned stealth during your last QA. Can you please delve a bit deeper into your vision of stealth in this game?
    I am talking about things like duration, cooldown, if it's permanent(Think WoW's rogue) or not. And so on.
  • Can there be a corrupted city where corrupted players reside? If corrupted players level a node perhaps?
  • Will the world have environments based on the geographic position?
    Like for example in the north and south parts of the map there would be more ice lands, while at the equator would be desert.
  • You plan on a a monthly subscription do you plan on keeping it the standard 15$ a month or do you think a lower price would be better to keep people playing longer?
  • When it comes to life skilling, is it possible for one player to do it all themselves (gathering, processing, crafting etc) even if it's inefficient ? Or is it going to be a system in which you pick ONE thing to do and you're restricted to that ONE thing only?
  • I have a question on going the route of doubling down on the same class. For example… Would a Mage/Mage basically be the ultimate glass cannon?  Thanks! ????
  • Can you please provide more details on how fishing will work in AoC? Will there be baits, lures, biome species, seasonal species, time of day catches or catch rates, fishing pools(nodes) or open water fishing?
  • English:
    With the success that the Kickstarter is having and knowing that the Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and that the great majority of the times always stays at the gates of being able to understand and to play as it is due to many games, especially mmorgp where The immersion is very important, will it be Ashes Of Creation another of so many games in which they will leave the Spanish speaking players in the stake? Will you add some stretch goal related to the translations into other languages, for example Spanish?

    Con el éxito que está teniendo el Kickstarter y sabiendo que la lengua española es uno de los idiomas más hablados en el mundo y que la gran mayoría de las veces siempre se queda a las puertas de poder comprender y jugar como es debido a muchos juegos, sobretodo mmorgp donde la inmersion es muy importante, ¿será Ashes Of Creation otro de tantos juegos en los que dejaran en la estacado a los jugadores de habla española?¿añadireis algun stretch goal relacionado con las traducciones a otros idiomas, por ejemplo el español?
  • In a previous Q&A you guys mentioned that we can set up stores and such stuff in freeholds/buildings in a node. My question is, Will we be able to do what no other MMO has done before, and set up our own bank? (where we can sell storage to other players for items or money, perhaps for people not citizens of the node that will be there for resources etc)
    With obvious preventative measures, for example: you can't touch the items or money stored, but you can decide on the charge/charge per day/week etc.

    (if you cant really answer that)
    if this hasn't even been considered do you think it is a think that could be possible but not confirmed? (pre-alpha of course)
  • What kinds of representation will guilds have as far as "on player identifiers" things like guild name next to players name, guild tabards, guild coats, guild hats, guild mount barding, guild standards.

    I like the idea of having multiple different types of clothing identifiers and what-not besides just tabards.

    also how in depth is the "guild coat of arms" going to be?
  • Can/how can we get monster tokens in game, is it a cash shop item or rare monster drop.
  • Will there be drugs and or different types of alcohol (that may give temp stat boosts or just other weird effects) or an underground marketplace for more illicit items in AoC? I'm asking for a friend :)
  • How will guild wars work? Specifically, does the war have to be bi-directional, or will one side declaring bypass the flagging system?

    The background on this as an example is BDO. In BDO if guild A declares on guild B, guild A can freely gank guild B outside of the flagging system without guild B accepting the war.
  • Question: will armor/weapon sets grants "procs" like 15% chance to deal 21 000 damage to an enemy player, one shotting them like in some very popular current MMORPG? Or will PvP fights last longer and require more skills than just a given chance to annihilate the other player?
  • How does the upgrade system with the Gear work? Will it be a system where you can "level up" like make a weapon +10 or is it only that you can enchant your weapons/gear?

    Kind Regards
  • When it comes to giant army vs another army is there going to be formation buffs or strategies to make it to where it insentavises teamwork and organization. Ex if you have a frontline of shield tanks and you get attacked from behind will you take increased dmg for a second in response to not being prepared for that attack? And will the area be destructable like making trees, bridges fall to do dmg or something along the line where a smaller army can out play them instead of full on fighting them
  • I know you have answered questions on Armour before, but i wanted to ask what will the armour style be designed similar to, more like WoW where you can earn alot of different pieces all the way to Pauldrons and wrist's etc or will it be more simplified like the Chest piece will cover the whole upper body and etc. I'm interested as i like to feel Unique as a player.
  • Will quests have exclamation marks above their heads or will they be hidden until interacted with or even a mix of both? I ask this because you have said in previous Q&As that you want to encourage player discovery and secrets.
  • Regarding the husbandy, will there be aspects of genetics in it? Will there be hidden stats, or lvl of the stat/meat/fur etc which can be bred.
  • How likely is it that we will see some form of diverse gender options during character customization? Similar to the Gender mechanics of the Sims 4, (choosing whether you have a feminine or masculine preference to clothing/body type etc etc.) Asking for all the LGBT players.
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