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What class will YOU be picking?



  • Dygz wrote: »
    Well, we still have a while to wait...Alpha Two...before we're able to check out classes and augments.
    Probably a lot will still be missing before Beta.
    Along with a lot of modifications and new features. But knowing just the basics is good enough as when any modification happen you would still know how generally this class function and would give the other classes higher chance to try during the rest testing phases.
  • NytehawkNytehawk Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Looking at the older class tree Rogue/Cleric was called a Monk, now a Cultist. Be interesting if you could build a high evasion staff rogue, with either combat orientated heals, or DoTs and Debuffs from Death augments, can't wait to see if the build is viable
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  • Kalv1441Kalv1441 Member
    Paladin. The world of Verra needs to be cleansed of corruption 😤
  • DizzDizz Member
    Summoner and Ranger.
  • Niküa Oracle or Ren'Kai Dreadnought
  • zombinvestorzombinvestor Member
    edited June 25
    I'm undecided and thats okay!

    most likely tank, and if the necromancer summons zombies ill have to try that out
  • Sholer wrote: »
    First pick will possibly be rather Shaman, High Priest or Necromancer. Definitely some healer type.
    Not decided on race yet.

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  • Nagash wrote: »
    PlagueMonk wrote: »
    Pirate wrote: »
    Sholer wrote: »

    That sounds tempting to me as well!!!

    You 2 had better be careful. I believe Nagash has called 'dibs' on playing a Necromancer (and by 'dibs' I mean he is the only one allowed to play one. period. Anyone else who attempts to play one will be KOS)

    I will be hunting down all necromancers

    Same about the hunting of Necromancers. I plan on playing an Archwizard with a focus on my religion/science/exploration. Pray you never see me.
  • GrihmGrihm Member
    Night-shield sounds interesting, but mainly, i´l be roleplaying and crafting.
  • ObarinObarin Member
    edited June 27
    I'm prob. playing Brood Warden ( Summoner/Tank )
    also interested in Oracle ( Cleric/Mage )
    and Spellshield ( Tank/mage ) as CC-Tank on Ice magic
  • PiratePirate Member
    I think I might go Shadow Lord or Predator! I'm really excited to play Alpha 1!!!
  • KaratosKaratos Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Wild Blade. Sounds the closest to a nature based melee thinger.
  • I would love to be a tank/rouge. I envision tanking via a HIGH dodge rate. like i just keeping poofing into smoke and poking bleed damage or poison damage onto the mob.
  • KuronianKuronian Member
    My first choice is High Priest! Second option any other combination of Cleric with something.

    And really interested in bard mechanics!
  • Old GreggOld Gregg Member
    100% a dwarf paladin as my main. My wife will be playing a bit so ill do something to support her making sure she has a good time. Probably Bard/Summoner or Bard/Cleric
  • Probably Bard as my primary class. Secondary will prob be Fighter, Summoner, Cleric, or Bard. This might change later on but it's mostly cause so many players don't like playing some sort of support class and of these classes Bard and Cleric will fill those roles. Now if we had a Druid class...
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  • I am interested in seeing if spellsword or bladecaller will play like similar characters in wuxia style games. dreadnought and spell shield do sound fun though.
  • GodriconianGodriconian Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Human guardian or paladin most likely
  • AerlanaAerlana Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Probably elf. (Don't know one kind or the other) Maybe tulnar,. Mainly "visual" choice.

    Quite sure sumoner as primary archetype
    As secundary... if i have to answer now : sumoner (class = conjurer) or cleric (nercomancer)
    but curious about all 8
  • dreadnought, spell sword, blade caller, spell shield, predator and scion. depends on my mood but am really interested in see what blade caller looks like.
  • LizukiLizuki Member
    I'll probably play a Blade Caller or a Shadow Lord!
    As for the race I'll probably play Tulnarr or a Dunzenkell Dwarf!
  • Sholer wrote: »

    As long as you get many minions out at the same time, not just one or two
  • Always played a mage/sorcerer class in every MMO. I think i will stick to that or healer :)
  • AtomfistAtomfist Member, Settler
    I am hoping that one of the healers is a DPS based healer like the Disciple of Khaine from Warhammer Online or a blood tank of some kind. The three classes I am watching pretty closely are (Scryer, Spellshield and Nightshield).
  • AsraielAsraiel Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    something in the magic segement with spells and supports (heal or buff kind)
  • pjrydeckerpjrydecker Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Definitely Ranger probably mixed with rouge (scout) But I am an Alt-aholic so probably several different combos.
  • SongRuneSongRune Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited July 16
  • Ebro EpaitoEbro Epaito Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I really like the mage so far. I don't know how many alts we can have but Id like to try a Full mage , and Archer of some type and if we can have a 3rd alt a bard of some type.
  • MelethMeleth Member
    Predator and Nightspell sound pretty neat.
  • Really interested in Tank / Paladin, Fighter / Bladedancer, Hunter / Hawkeye I won't know really until they release more info on the classes.
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