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    Me and my Guild cant wait for Ashes, whole community of gamers ready to go day 1. anyways my question is:

    for people who are more end game players, meaning they only really do end game content, raid progression, dungeons, instanced content, and that don't want to grind crafting to get geared, will these players be able to gear through the pve content as opposed to having to craft gear like in GW2 ? i find my self being distant to GW2 because it seems like they force you to grind the same content to farm crafting mats to craft another mat to finally craft 1 end game item, or if you're rich you can just buy legendaries off the market with gems converted into gold with cash money. hope my question makes sense.
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    Could you elaborate on tank's hate mechanics and their differences in effects on mobs and players (if there're any)?
  • Are there plans for large real-time in-game story-driven events such as those done in Fortnite?
  • In a Village to Metro node where the mayor can set taxes, would there be some form of income from the NPC's who live/work/shop there? They would provide some form of very basic income via taxes would they not or do they not contribute to the Tax base and exist purely in the Welfare system?
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  • In terms of Narrative Lore in the game (no need for details). Is the lore focused on the perspective of individual players in their own "universe" OR is it more the "collective world" perspective moving in a direction that you are a part of? The question more follows in response to current MMO's having stories very direct at "you" the only character having an impact rather than the large player base or "world" moving the story.
  • Good morning/afternoon I was wondering I noticed after reading the wiki that your character be able to walk down a darker path in game what exactly does this entail does this go as far as following the ancients/ the others. If you can't answer this all good, have a great day
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    So in regards to the Artisan System and the need for trading resources to people with appropriate skills to create items, how will you keep players from scamming eachother when a high value item is to be given? As an example, If I were to loot a royal mount egg but didnt have a high animal husbandry skill and needed to have someone with said skill hatch the egg for me, what sort of protections would be in place to help players who dont have large guild support to keep them from being scammed and/or their items stolen?
  • Is there going to be a feature in options to turn all types of graphical effects off?

    Ex. Player beneficial effects, player offensive effects, player defensive effects etc.
    Repeat the effects for party, alliance, npcs, enemies, others, guild.

    Many games released without the feature to turn graphical effects off and the game ends up being a slideshow even with very high end hardware.
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    Can I see who voted for me in a mayor’s election?
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    It was stated you want to balance classes in a way, that all 64 combinations have their usage. However, it is also necessary to reward classes, which double up in a role (i.e. High priest => cleric + cleric) for their determination to i.e. healing. How can we expect do these trade offs play out. Will it more or less always be a unique ratio between the roles like 5% tanking/ 25% dps / 70% healing which adds up to 100% for each class combination or do you have other mechanics in mind to compensate (i.e. less but more versatile healing or buffs that are worth skipping out some heal potential for).
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    Are the placement of cities, inside each nodes, fixed and pre-determined - or can you create and place settlements anywhere, that then can be upgraded all the way up to metropolis for example ?
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    Will there additionally be some cash shop cosmetics that are not time or quantity limited?

    Also, will cosmetics apply in the upcoming Alpha 1 testing?
  • what do you mean inn artisan weapon/armor smithing vs blacksmithing? doesn't balcksmithing incompass both weapon and armor craft?
  • Will you be implementing a random event/quest system? For example you are traveling through the forest and an NPC appears who is being attacked by monsters. You can either help or ignore.
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    Coolhandr wrote: »
    Will you be implementing a random event/quest system? For example you are traveling through the forest and an NPC appears who is being attacked by monsters. You can either help or ignore.

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    Talk about PVP please :flushed:

  • What systems/features/mechanics/etc. are being prioritized, if any? Having followed this game for a while and recently listened to two lengthy interviews with Mr. Sharif, I am super excited about everything that is planned for this game. There are many great things planned, like the node system, sieges, naval stuff, instanced and non-instanced housing, PvP stuff, many classes/subclasses, caravans, etc. The list goes on and wonderfully on. I'm not a programmer, but I imagine it might be hard to have ALL the planned features fully implemented by release. If that is the case, which systems/features/etc are highest on the priority list? Another way of asking this question is, which things are considered absolutely necessary to implement before release? Thanks.
  • Thank you all for chiming in with your questions - the submission period has now ended! We'll see you at 11AM PDT tomorrow for our live stream!
  • Afternoon!
    Have you all made a firm decision in regards to fast travel? We witnessed New World's design here in this last beta and I was hoping to hear some insight from your team on the topic of fast traveling.
  • Once the game has been released will it be available in more remote areas, Like South Africa or Namibia for example
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    Hey Intrepid friends!
    I was trying to find a way to prevent RMT but also keeping the game realistic.
    So I came up with this.
    Whenever someone trades gold with someone else, that gold will be taxed. The tax will depend on the node you're currently in. Gold will always be taxed even if the user trades an item for gold.
    That might prevent people from selling huge amounts of gold due to taxes.

    P.S. Eh.. Didn't make it in time! Maybe another time!
  • Hey. One of my main concerns is about the visual appeareance of characters. How we gonna be able to tell what primary class someone is playing just looking at them? It will even be possible? Looks even harder since you can just use cloth equipments and a magical staff as tank for example. And costumes being sold, makes me even more worried.
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    Hey ! I'm really excited about this game! Best wishes for y'alls health. My question is: will people be able to mix land/sea animals, and will land/sea animals have different movement speeds in different terrains? Thanks!
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    Will there be anything in the cash shop tied to RNG? Or will we always know exactly what were paying for if/when we pay?
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    Hello AOC team!

    I was wondering if the exclusive cosmetic items that have and are still being sold every month are going to be able to be traded to other players? Runescape did this with holiday items back in the day and it would be pretty awesome to have something like that in this game.

    Best Regards,

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    Guess I'm too late.
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    1. What do you consider good randomness? Where will we see randomness in game and where will it be avoided? For instance, will abilities have a span of "deal x to y dmg", will crit be a "every 4th atk" or "25% chance on each hit", how will loot rolling work for quest items and gear, will "chain heal"-like abilities be random or priorotize low health targets, etc

    2. What is your stance on time gated content? Content locked behind daily/weekly resets and such. Where will time gating be in game and where will it be avoided?
  • How expansive will the water/underwater content be? Will there be underwater villages? or sea nodes? Will there be pirate coves like off Pirates of the Caribbean made of broken ships? Will there be pirate mobs attacking your ship? And having ship to ship combat?
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    The submission period for one question has ended. :D

    Its better if you create a separate post under General Discussion for that lengthy post. :p
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