[Survey] Sub-Class Names: The One Survey to Rule Them All

Hi Guys!!

There have been a lot of posts and comments, and suggestions about name changes to the sub-classes. I share the sentiment that a few of the sub-classes have stales names, and hope they're going to be changed before release. So... I made yet another survey about it!

Previous surveys have been limited in scale, or used questionable methodologies. I've put together a larger survey. Much larger.

>>>>>>>>>>    https://s.surveyplanet.com/ou8jjl4Sk2    <<<<<<<<<<

Here are the rules of the survey:
  • All 64 Sub-classes are listed.
  • Each Sub-class has 4-5 names available to select.
  • The original name is included in the choices.
  • The order of names is randomized.
  • You can select Other, if you don't like any of the choices.
  • You do not have to fill in the "other" option's blank space if you don't want to.
  • If you like more than one choice, you can select up to 2.
I sourced these names by scouring the forums for names that have come up before, especially ones that have come up in multiple places. I also sourced some of them from even earlier naming idea posts. I kept the lists to 3-4 extra options to prevent ballooning the survey into something even more unwieldy than it already is. I do not personally vouch for any/all of these name options, in fact I pretty strongly dislike a few of them.

Links to just a few previous posts on this topic and related topics:

So, take a few minutes and answer some questions. And let me know if you spot any issues, or have any concerns. Results will be released back here to all you beautiful peoples.

Final Note: I'm well aware of the futility of this. This is only for fun. I scoured through all of the posts about this topic, I've read all the naysayers saying their nays.


  • Update: 50+ responses. Keep it up! Results will be posted soon.
  • With out knowing exactly how the sub class is going to modify the skills I think that the survey is going to reflect more on how people are hoping the sub class skill mods come in to play. It will still be interesting when the exact details of what Intrepid envision come to light to look back on these results.
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    ^ this
    I'll refrain from participating until we know more of the feel of the subclasses. Right now we just won't know wether the names fit or failed their mark.
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    That's perfectly understandable. I created the survey though because while some of the choices have more thematic based feel to them,  many others are actually fairly interchangeable regardless of the end result. Ex Archwizard vs Archmage. Ultimately this isn't likely to produce any impact or change to the development process in any way, so the risk of speculation or weighing in with an opinion now, even with limited class data, is pretty insignificant. But I totally see where you are coming from.

    Either way, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
  • That depends on who you ask, a witch and a wizard can be interchangable, but they can also be, in their respective lore,
    be the differentiator between a male and a female sorcerer,
    be practitioneeres of dark magic vs "legit" magic
    be in league with spirits/ or ghosts (which can be a major difference in itself) instead of elementals.

    Yes I used the term witch instead of mage, but I also used the word sorcerer since they all invoke a different feel.
    Wizard, old wrinkly, pointy hat, caldrons, potions.
    Mage, sleek, orderly, primal elemental magic.
    and so on, it depends on your influences what you associate with what, but saying they are just interchangable words is a weak basis for a case and a disservice to language.

    I understand the sentiment of wanting something more descriptive, but well, I think I made a point of it being a subjective problem that comes with the lack of deeper information of what the differentiator in Ashes actually is.
  • Mage + Mage can equal an Archwizard, and you're fine with this. But a Mage + Mage being an Archmage and you now feel we are crossing the line and need a deeper meaning revealed to us before we make our opinion about that known???

    Okay. You're entitled to that opinion, but you've totally lost me. I thought I understood where you where coming from, earlier, but now I'm not so sure.

  • nice one man! good options thru out

  • The point I was trying to make is that we don't know HOW subclasses affect the feel of any given baseclass, heck we don't even know the feel of any baseclass.

    I do not claim to know what they are going for but taking your mage example it makes perfect sense for progression based on already given scenario takes from my previous comment.

    You start out as a young straight laced mage, starting with basic elemental magic (whatever that means in the context of Ashes. MAYBE all mage related fields are based around the 4 elemtal types) but over the years you delve deeper into a specific topic, (e.g. wizardry, >>whatever that might mean in the context of Ashes <<, MAYBE now you derive some other forms of magic from there on, specialized like going from magister/master to doctor, you don't call a doctor a magister anymore, do you?) progressing towards the magical field of archwizards.
    Makes sense in a progressive way to me, lore wise as well as from a gameplay standpoint.
    I do not claim this to be the  case, I'm merely giving examples pulled out of different other settings of what they could be aiming for.
    This is all a "what if" from both of us, maybe your changes fit better, maybe they don't. It will take another year or so -until they release all the subclass enhancements- to know. Even then someone will be dissatisfied because they associate one word with something else through previous influences.
    This is why I personally refrain from going one way or another. First I want to see, preferably hear some lore behind it, to understand what they are going for before I decide wether they fudged the name or not.
    Aka. a deeper reason yes. If it's all just random names then I'll care even less wether they fit or not. Maybe they just want to bolster their names with pompous Arch-es and Demi-es cause in general mages are arrogant, who knows? Maybe the first written account of someone opening up the fields of wizardry was called Arch Abelot and in his honor you title yourself that way when you achiev mastery in it. Who knows? 

    I didn't look at the options for reasons above. I certainly never said I am fine with anything or that we are crossing a line with anything.
    I didn't defend Intrepids name list and I am not attacking your take on namegiving. I am merely trying to clarify where I myself am standing, nothing more, nothing less.

  • So there are Mages and Archwizards. But where the wizards at? 

    You really should have wizards in the game if there are Archwizards... The "Arch" prefix means "Very Powerful". So there are only Very Powerful Wizards? That is like saying there are only Tall people. But if everyone is Tall, then your definition of Tall is wrong. Just the same, if all wizards are Archwizards, you're using the prefix Arch wrong.
  • I had to add 'Dirge' to all the bard based classes  haha
  • Ilyanna said:
    I had to add 'Dirge' to all the bard based classes  haha

    I like that

  • Ravnodaus said:
    So there are Mages and Archwizards. But where the wizards at?  (...)

    (...) The "Arch" prefix means "Very Powerful". (...)
    You haven't been paying attention at all have you? <shrug> Be that as it may, I tried explaining my point of view, what you do with it is up to you.
    Just one little parting thought:
    Arch is not just a prefix, it is also a name, a honorific and an object. Try to think about that before you decide what it "means".

  • I'm not deciding anything guy. I created a survey, from other peoples suggestions. I'm not sure what you're on about.

    Also, Fun Fact: The Arch in Archmage or Archwizard comes from an abbreviation of Archon. AND if you look at the survey for Mage/Mage... Archwizard, Archmage and Archon are all there... so is Wizard.

    If Mage + Mage can equal Archwizard, then it could just as easily equal Archmage, or Archon, or even just Wizard.
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    First you post some random definition that conviniently describes it as an urban word, non legit with the meaning of powerful.

    Then you post a "fun fact" that it's an abravation of the ancient greek word that means "to rule", contradicting your first statement. (leaving out what it means since it would contradict you so conviniently)
     For more contradictions I took 2 other uses of the word from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archon
    In the early literary period of ancient Greece the chief magistrates of various Greek city states were called Archon.[1] The term was also used throughout Greek history in a more general sense, ranging from "club leader" to "master of the tables" at syssitia to "Roman governor".[citation needed] In Roman terms, archontes ruled by imperium, whereas Basileis ("Kings") had auctoritas.

    From time to time, laity of the Orthodox Church in communion with the Patriarch of Constantinople have been granted the title of Archon to honor their service to Church administration. In 1963, Archons were organized into a service society dedicated to St Andrew. This Archon status is not part of the Church hierarchy and is 

     purely honorary 
    (that means with no functionality it just describes "an achievment" of sorts for what you have done/achieved)

    So... which is it now?
    Not to mention arch-wizard is a mixture of two different languages invented ages later for fantasy stories and has since been used in a multitude of different contexts and meanings. What's your point again? Agreeing it's a loosely handled term?

    Oh right you didn't decide what it means, you just picked one modern and commonly used "definition" of the term to suit your purpose unwilling to see that Arch as well as wizard/mage and what the ever else crap you got up there can mean a multitude of things,

    Completly missing the nudge I tried to give to broaden your linguistic horizon. Instead you make it out to be a personal attack.

    Man leave me alone please, I only tried to explain my personal standpoint. You are unwilling to accept different viewpoints. Just leave me be before you run yourself into more ridiculous contradictions.

    Thanks in advance. Either way I won't respond again. This is just turning from good intention to sad "I am offended and right"-crap.
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